Ovator S-400 minimum power

What is the minimum power needed for Ovator S-400?

Have a Supernait 2, an olive Nait 2, and a Nait 3R in house.

Curious to know if I can use the latter two Naits on these with reasonable success and whether anyone has tried.

Hi Kolner,

All of those amplifiers will easily drive S400s, as long as you understand the limitations of each of them.


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Thank you Neil. Nice to have a response with your vast experience at Naim!

I use all three of these naits routinely as I appreciate the character of each. And thus, very aware of the limitations. They drive all of my current speakers well. The older Naits are indeed quite exceptional with my Quads.

I have a pair of Ovator S-400’s with my SN2 and purchased them and ran them with my Nait XS 2 for a period of time.

Happy with both integrated amplifiers and the quality of the music flowing from the speakers.

Current system is NAS > XPS DR > NDX 2 > HiCapDR >SuperNait 2 > NAC A5 > NAIM Ovator S-400.

As Neil says, they’ll all drive the S400s. Of more importance is how well they work together - i.e. as Neil says, the limitations.

FWIW, I greatly enjoyed the S400s on the end of a CDX2 and original Supernait. I’d imagine a Supernait 2 would be better still.

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When the Ovator S-400s were introduced, they were matched with a CD5XS and Nait XS in Naim’s suggested system for them.

(CDX2 and NAC202/ NAP200 for S-600s).

I have driven my S-400:s with Nait 2, Nait XS and SN2. They’re all good but SN2 really makes them sing :smiley:


The chrome bumper Nait 2 looks stunning on a white shelf.


Thanks for the input everyone. Looks like my Naits will do just fine and allow me to continue the fun with those amps. Last time I checked, I thought mid 90db peaks measured from my listening position were quite loud.

Always a leap of faith in trying new speakers without a listen and with your own equipment…

How did it turn out @Kolner ?

Thanks for asking, Christopher. I didn’t make the leap and decided to get a Fraim instead. I didn’t have a Fraim but already have three speakers. This has proven to be a wise decision.

I would still like to try Ovators. From most of what I have read, I think I would like them.

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Just by curiosity, how do you rate your 3 integrated amps (Nait 2, 3R and Supernait)?

I had a Nait 3 for a long tome, I’m curious


I’d like to try a pair in my set too. They might have to be white though.

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I actually listened to them on the end of my system, but in the dealers - ND5/Nac 152/NAP 155.

I dont know what the majority here would say about that, but the 400’s sounded great to me and I would have seriously considered them. I’ve not heard them in any other set up though.

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Did you already have the Harbeths?

No I had not Chris.

But because of the limited space I have and the size of the speakers - speakers placed just 300mm from the back wall I would have sat 2m from the speakers - in discussons with my dealer, we felt that this space was too limiting for the Ovators and they are more suited with air around them and the listening position further away.

The other issue was listening at low volumes, although I never compared the Ovators to the Harbeth’s, on this point, this was where I went with the dealers experience.

He was very keen for me to listen to the Ovators based on my music tastes though, and they were certainly working well in the dealer listening room. That space was about 3.5x5m almost twice the floor area of my space and with an extra 1m in ceiling height.

From the 30mins. listening experience I really did like them and would recommend them to anyone in the market for floor standers.

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Thanks for explaining. I find that very valuable because we have similar sets.

I have a sense that the S400s need space too, which is why I will certainly stick with my beloved Allaes for now.

But at some point in the future, I may well look again knowing that they are potentially a good match with my gear. Thanks. C.

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Hello Claude,

Sorry for the delay. Interesting question and no simple answer.

Supernait 2 - more of a hifi sound…proper and everything in its right place

Nait 2 - wholistic and very 3d sound reproduction

Nait 3R (split with Hicap DR) - least 3d sound of the group but the prat king

I’ve grown to love the Nait 3R and it has been getting the most play in my system. All resistors in the internal phono cards are z foils and the sound is quite amazing. I need to repair my external phono and so the Supernait 2 hasn’t been getting much play.

I am not sure why I have three Naim integrateds and certainly don’t need three. However, it is fun to change the sound periodically.

That’s the same quandary I have with S600s vs Briks. I’d like to try it but unless you take a punt it’s not possible to home test that anymore. Came very close last year but chickened out.

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I would like very much to hear Ovators, Naim’s most recent speaker thinking. Hard now, as you say Mark.

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