Ovator vs SBL


Has anyone compared sbl’s with ovator 400?
Which is the better, what are the differences ?

Thanks for comments.


Being a long term SBL owner I did the dem on both SL2 and later the 400. I found them a bit flat and lifeless by comparison with my Sibbles. Better Hi-Fi perhaps but less involving. Others have found the opposite of course.


Indeed I am one of the others! I have owned SBLs, SL2s and 400s.

I find the 400s the best all rounder and the easiest to drive and set up.


Had both, the Ovators were terrible, honestly, couldn’t find one thing I like about them, SBLs are outstanding but need a fairly high end set up to really hear them. Best all rounder and my personal favourite are the Allaes.

Depends massively on your room set up, if you have a nice solid rear wall the sbl’s and sl2 will be fine, as long as they are in good shape and built up correctly, they like to sit as close to the solid rear wall as you can get them, buth if you dont have a nice solid rear wall and have a modern house that is dry lined or stud wall, then you ma find the bass even more lacking. They do both lack in the lower bass department, but they do deliver fast punchy bass. Can also come over a bit bright on certain systems.
The 400 will be easier to just set up as all it needs is to be levelled, but they do like space around them and hate corners. Also they prefer to be away from the rear wall around 300mm min. But they have far greater bass weight and nice overall sound as long as you can place them correctly as if not they become boomy and too bass heavy

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Thanks, aften listening it’s my impression that they have different qualities rather than one being simply better than the other.
Ovators need min 30 cm distance to back wall to shine, and they certainly are less discrete in the room, both of which to me is a drawback, not necessarily a deal breaker.
Perhaps sbls are better at separation and more controlled, hard to say which is due to speakers or different systems before the speakers. Whereas Ovators have a ‘bigger’ sound.
Any further comments would be most welcome.


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