Oxidation cause Speaker wire plug damage

Does anyone know Steven Hopkins is it still in Naim? By this situation can I send back to Naim to repair?
Thank you & Merry Christmas!

Steve retired a while back. Have a word with your dealer to take a look (note that Naim are on holiday until after New Years). What happened?? They look like they’ve been clean snapped off. Did a speaker fall over onto them?

Here is both pictures together. The top plug (in hand) clearly looks bent at the break, as does the left one in the plug picture - so perhaps stress was involved?

Did they actually break at the same time?

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Wow, what happened?

A bit more of an explanation of what happened when they broke would be good. I take it they were being inserted / withdrawn at the time and it looks like some sideways force was involved. Why do you suspect corrosion was involved ?

Yikes, doesn’t look like oxidation. Is that Superlumina.

A guy on the facebook page is having a similar problem, but thats due to a plant pot dropping on them and snapping them.
These also look like they have been forced and them snapped, if it was bad metal, then it wouldn’t have bent before it snapped as bending shows that the metal was strong

Can you advise:

How long have you had these?

Were they ex-demonstration or brand new? I had a similar issue with some speaker terminals on some Focal speakers (the terminals snapped) which I was auditioning at home and it was clear these had been subjected to too much wear & tear e.g. over tightening.

What speaker terminals are these connected to?

As others have commented, from the photographs these look to have been bent/twisted at some stage, which could have weakened the plugs.

I’ve been looking at used SL speaker cables on the web, and I suspect that there are some fake ones on the market. Did you buy this new?

Really? Didn’t think have to look out for this! :eyes:

It’s just that some of the photos just don’t look quite right with the packaging and labels.

2 days and still no reply from the topic starter …

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Maybe you scared him…, :innocent: :innocent: :innocent:

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It must be the same person who posted to the Facebook group…that something fell on the connectors and broke the plugs. Perhaps he was looking for validation here that there was something gone wrong other than that . . . and didn’t find it here (??)


Well if it is the same guy, he did say he was going away for a few days

My location is in Hong Kong and I’ve used the Naim system which is over ten years. This cable is Naim super lumina speaker cable 3M and I purchased in local Hi-Fi shop around 19000 HKD in June of 2015. I’m not intention to complain about the product. I just want to repair the plug only. Please have to see the left side of speaker cable plug ( the plug seem oxidation)! If it happened it is easy to break by little pressure (Note: The speaker never fall over).

A speaker falling is not “little pressure”.

The speaker is not fall over! Sorry for the typo!

I’m not complain about the product, I just only want find the way to repair because on my past experience Naim customer service is really good for the customer no mater you how far away.

I’m sure Naim could replace the broken plugs, but I don’t know if they have facilities to do this in HK. I suspect they would have to be returned to Naim, but maybe your dealer can advise?
I’ve noticed a slight darkening of the plugs as shown in your photo before. It looks a bit like tarnished silver, although it’s hard to see how this could weaken the whole pin.