Pace, Rhythm, Timing and Fraim

Evening all,

It’s now 7 days since my system was all expertly reinstalled on 2 stacks of Fraim by Peter from Cymbiosis, and I have been gradually working through both my vinyl and CD collection as well as quite a lot of R3 on FM.

As expected there’s more resolution, more space around the instruments, better definition and depth to bass parts but most it’s more organic.

But there’s more. Like many I have a number of “go to” recordings including Blue Train by John Coltrane (vinyl), Beethoven III (Eroica) by Tenndstedt and the LSO (CD), and Performing This Week by Jeff Beck at Ronnie’s (vinyl) and all 3 are noteworthy, in different ways, for their rhythms, pace and dynamics. Well what’s happening now? There’s a track on the Jeff Beck set called Space Boogie which is 4 minutes of utter mayhem, frantic syncopated drums and bass, keyboard textures all over the place with intricate guitar passages everywhere. But with the Fraim installed the manic nature of the piece is further enhanced but the timing and coherency is so much more obvious.

So whilst I’m not saying Fraim should be the first priority - there’s probably a pont somewhere in the Naim hierarchy when most benefit kicks in - it sure does aid exposing musical genius.




Set-up and cable dressing can pay dividends as you are hearing Lindsay. Certainly doesn’t hurt to have Peter do the set-up- he is a strong advocate of getting things “just right” :sunglasses:… Enjoy!

Thank you guys.

Hi Lindsay,
Any chance of a picture of your Fraim stacks?

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Neat and looks good.
Thanks for the picture,

Isn’t that Kudos, not neat? :wink:

Must agree with you Lindsay, I think you reach a certain level with the black boxes and fraim is a must in order to get the most out of them.

I remember deliberating for some while on the merits of investing in a fraim… eventually I went for full fraim and found the improvements to be very impressive…

Enjoy… you have a great system

I completely agree with Wenger and others. I hated to spend the money, but went for 2 bases and 2 shelves, full Fraim. My system was in a state of upgrade, so wanted to make sure I got the right stuff. At one point, I had the system playing on a couple of plastic milk crates. My wife made fun of the milk crates, so I volunteered to fix that:grinning: She picked out the Cherry and Silver. Now I have:
Left Stack: Townshend DC 47 Autotransformer Preamp, Unity Core and DVD Player
Right Stack: ND555 and PSU555 in the right stack.
Middle Stack: Krell KSA-80B


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agree, Peter to installed my FRAIM, i waiting for a few years but very pleased bit the FRAIM bullet in the end, sounds and looks superb

I have a question on Fraim/Fraim Lite, if I may seize the opportunity of this topic…
Is it possible to use it in case of a turntable a bit bigger than a Sondek or siblings…?
Thank you for your experienced opinions


My Roksan is a perfect fit as is the LP 12. I also know the Regas fit well. I know the Michells in spider edition fit but with a full plinth overhand. Avids fit, I believe, but can’t comment on others.

I don’t think overhang is a good idea.



Hi Lindsay thank you for commenting… this week I will collect the VPI Prime that I bought and I was wondering if it’s 49,5 cm could somehow being hosted on a Fraim…may be a custom glass shelf instead of the standard 45 cm…

Well I’m sure there’s a way.

Never heard a VPI - would love to.



Thank you, I will post pictures in the SP2019 thread as soon as set up is ready.

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