Painting Wall Tiles In A Kitchen

I am looking into painting the old ceramic wall tiles in my kitchen.
I would welcome any hints and tips on this.
My area of concern is behind the gas hob, “splashback”, with heat from the burners and the grease and steam.
Thank you.

We painted our tiles with Tile Paint, but it was a bit thick

We then used this paint on other tiles and it was better, but you need to cover it with a varnish

The job was easier with this and the finish was better with the second type.

Alternately, put a Stainless Steel or coloured glass splash back. behind the cooker to protect the tiles.

Hope this helps.


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Some years ago (30!) I used a paint described as “tile paint” from one of the big DIY stores and it worked well, still looking good when we sold the house 10 years later - but that was a side wall. I wouldn’t expect any paint to survive long unmarked, or even intact, subjected to heat, oil splashes, steam, water splashes and frequent wiping thereof. If I was thinking of doing what you are, I’d be considering a separate splashback for the purpose, whether stainless steel, specialist laminate, thin stone / manmade “quartz” panel etc.

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There are Corian tiles, a manmade glass/ceramic mixture, which I imagine would be ideal for the splashback behind your cooker, as they’re able to withstand any heat, steam or grease heading their way.

To be honest I think it will look like a cheap botch job. Better to put a surface on there that will be durable enough to withstand the heat, steam and food stains you get on a surface close to a cooker. If you don’t want new tiles, a glass, stone or metal screen could work.

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Thank you for all the advice.
Time now to consider my options.

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