Pairing a Record player with a attom

Bit of advice please looking to purchase a Record player to pair with my attom budget upto £1500 .Thanks

Some good discussion in this thread:

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You won’t go far wrong with a Rega. The P6 with Exact and a Fono MM would cost about £1,600, or you could save £500 by going for the P3 with both Exact and Fono.


I would at least consider a Technics. The SL-1200/1210GR should fit your budget, although adding a phono stage and cartridge will likely take you a bit over. But it will be tough to beat and last you a lifetime.

The Ortofon 2M range (I use the Bronze with my 1210GAE), or Nagaoka ones would work well.

Alternatively, to stay within budget, consider a SL-1500C and use the change to buy some music, or keep it in the bank for a nice cart and/or phono stage upgrade in the future.

Echoing HH’s advice, I’d also consider Rega, but how about a secondhand or ex demo P8 with Exact and Fono2? Could be viable if the budget is a touch elastic and the dealer is also willing to negotiate.

Worth listening to both to compare.

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What about the Technics SL1500 , it has a built in phono stage so all that is necessary is to plug it in to the Atom , way under your budget -but you could add a decent cartridge and still be under £1500

Great idea. There are some excellent used bargains to be had, and the P8 is a lot better than the P6.

Interesting option would be a Parks Puffin DSP phono stage. MM and MC. It digitizes the input (as does the Atom to the Analog input, I believe) and with the SPDIF Coax output option, you can run it coax RCA into the coax RCA input on the atom and use the Atom’s DAC.

Thus… simple, brilliant and fuss free


@anon4489532 Yes, I think the P8 is certainly worth extra over the P6. I compared the P6 to my RP6 and the improvement was there, but marginal. The P8 was definitely a step up and I’ll ether be buying a P8 or P10 at some point.

@Jono-13 Love simple systems like yours, and every time I see a photo of the Atom I’m tempted to trade in my UQ2! How do the Tannoys play with Naim, as that is an unusual pairing? PS. Cracking album on the P6 btw.

Thanks, the Tannoys worked really well with the Atom, although they have a new home now. That corner has changed a bit and is even simpler now with a Beosound2 with the P6. I think you will find the change up from the UQ to an Atom worthwhile in terms of performance, I have a few more pictures on the pink place of the different setups I have used it with…

I bought that album on release and it plus my original Talking Heads 77 are the ones to be grabbed in case of fire! They both still sound superb.

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I love my ClearAudo Concept MC with my Atom. With a phono stage it’s over your budget though, but 2nd hand you might get one for a reasonable price.

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