Pairing Naim Uniti Atom with KEF R3 Meta

I’ve considering purchasing the Uniti Atom and pairing it with the KEF R3 Meta’s.

I’ve received veriying advice and feedback. Some saying it’s a great pairing others saying the Uniti Atom it’s powerfull enough for the R3 Meta’s.

I’ve love to hear the comunities thoughts. Do we feel the pairing it good and that the Atom is powerful enough to drive the R3 Metas.

They are a 4 ohm speaker and not hugely sensitive and I suspect the LS50 would be a better match, unless you can stretch to a Nova. The most important thing is to try the combination for yourself.

Out of interest, is your forum name meant to be UnusualCat?


Agree with this one. I was driving my Metas with a UQ for a short while and while they were fine in short low-volume listening sessions, you could tell they needed a bit more cowbell. You’d be doing the R3s a disservice with the Atom. Metas are probably at the limit of what the Atom can drive.

FWIW, my Metas went into the main system driven by a 200DR and you could immediately tell the difference.

Do you already own the R3? Or still speaker shopping?

Thank you for your thoughts. Yes username is correct. I used a random name generator and it presented me with that name.

I’ve recently ordered the R3’s and the Atom. Not arrived yet.

If it’s relevant I intend for this system to be used mainly moderate listening volume. I do not tend to ramp the volume up mainly because I have neighbours.

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The Naim Uniti Atom is quite powerful and it is underestimated by many (who do not own one). I used mine to drive a pair of Dynaudio Contour 3.4 S LE loudspeakers and for moderate volumes that worked more than fine. So I guess it should work well for you. Do let us know your findings when your equipment has arrived.


If the speakers are 4 ohm and the Atom is 72 watts into 4 ohms shouldn’t this be more than enough power?

Enter the below information into an online amp calculator.

  • Room size
  • Distance to Speaker
  • Max listening volume
  • Speaker Sensitivity

I personally feel the Atom is more than enough to drive the R3’s for my type of listening and room size.


FWIW I used to run R3 (non meta) from a Nova and really liked the sound. They were quite forward and lively I thought, but I liked that. I have moved house now so don’t have that system set up as I used it in the study.

I run my Atom into Neat Iotas which are even less sensitive than the Metas and the combo works well. It’s in a small room used as an office, but if playing at full wick the music can fill the house. The Metas have a stated minimal impedance of 3.2 ohms, so I wouldn’t anticipate the Atom struggling to drive them to a reasonable volume.

Whether the pairing is a good sonic match, is another question entirely and inevitably subjective, so you’ll get a range of opinions. Since you’ve already bought them, my only suggestion would be not to worry about your gear and just enjoy the music. Oh, and get a trial subscription to Qobuz.


I have owned the Atom for about 3 1/2 years now, and like it a lot. I also got a pair of KEF R3 Metas last summer, and really like them. They are very neutral speakers with good base performance for stand mounts. They are also 3 way speakers which helps with the base performance. They are significantly more expensive than the LS50 Metas, but worth the extra. Very good value speakers all round. They can demand some power as has been pointed out, but unless you are in a large room, and some distance from the speakers, and play very loud, you are unlikely to run into this issue.

I used the Atom with the R3 Metas in a relatively small room (about 3.5 m x 4.5 m), and found that it plays easily to the levels I require; loud with no signs of clipping. However, I upgraded the Atom to Benchmark separates late last year (the Atom is currently ‘resting’ :slightly_smiling_face:), and although I can claim some changes in sound, I would be hard put to distinguish a difference most of the time. Does it affect my enjoyment? Not a bit. I expect you will get much satisfaction from this system.

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Welcome to the cat family!

I have an Atom with ATC11’s and they work really well. I had them with Neat Iota Alpha before and they were ok but the ATC’s work much better.

Every room is different so my counsel would be engage a patient dealer and listen to a few and take the best options for a home demo. It’s a little effort but well worth it and you may end up with an ex dem pair from a dealer if you are lucky.

The room this system is going into is 4.5m x 3.5m so not big. Also worth noting the sofa will be no more that 3m from the speakers.

With this in mind, and reading the comments is seems the Atom whilst small (and underpowered to some) is infact enough to drive the R3s, in such a small room, esspecially as I am unlikeny to play above a moderate listening volum.

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