Pairing Nova with Ohms 3000 omnidirectional speakers

I have the Naim Nova unity amplifier and would like to consider pairing Ohms 3000 speakers (Classic omni-directional sound). I had opportunity to listen to one of the original Walsh F Series (vintage 80’s speakers, now known as Ohms Walsh) and was amazed by the big soundstage. It appears that is what they are famous for. I would appreciate any advice if these speakers would complement the characteristic of the Nova sound.

I remember the Ohm Walsh from my days at school in the States and got to listen to a pair at a dealer in Boston. It was interesting and kind of fun in the way it hung the sound out there in space (albeit, not a particularly well defined space I thought) but I felt that was really its only “trick” and once you’d tired of that then you’d probably want something else. I haven’t heard a modern Ohm though.

Thanks for your thoughts on speaker pairing for my Unity Nova. I have since been reading into speaker reviews and had the opportunity to do listening demos for a few different speakers from, Gershman Audio studio-2, B&W 703 S2, and Fyne F501 SP. I have yet to try the Martan Logan 60’s to compare.

So far I found the demos for the Fyne F501 SP quite impressive, however, a few of the reviews have noted that they need to be more selectively, paired with the right amp! I will try to get dealer to hook up my Nova for a test run, but a short listening demos doesn’t give for much time for your ears to tune in, or otherwise adjust…, from the first impression on listening.

I would appreciate any thoughts or recommendations if anyone has had the experience or knowledge on the pairing of the Fyne F501 SP speakers with the Naim Unity Nova. Many thanks again.

The Fynes certainly look like they won’t present the Nova amp with any particular diffculty, being a nominal 8 ohm load with a 91dB sensitivity. I have not heard them though so can’t offer any further insight here for you as to how well they match with the Nova.

That was lightning speed on your reply!

The Fynes tend to be perhaps a bit forward, brighter, or less soft than other speakers. Just curious how you would characterized the Nova amp? Perhaps also somewhat bright? Perhaps pairing could be a bit too much. I’ll see if any other comments. Thanks.

I would characterise the Naim sound as having a great sense of rhythm, timing and sense of “swing”. Tonally a little forward and “live” rather than recessed, but overall fairly dark, not bright at HF, and not “soft” or artificially sweet.

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