Partition in the listening room

We plan to install a partition wall which will create an additional bedroom/office behind my listening space. It will reduce the total length of the room from around 11.4m to 7.6m.

The plan at the moment is to install a stud partition with double layers of acoustic plasterboard and a mineral wool filling. This will be the back wall and based on my current set up, will be around 5.3m from the speakers and 3m behind the listening position. The shorter room will provide very nice options for wider speaker placement and using the 1/3 speakers and listening positions which would still give me a nice 2.5m from seat to back wall

Considering the distance from speaker to wall is still significant, is there likely to be much benefit in a more substantial (tile & plaster) construction or are there any tips for optimising the stud partition?

Room treatment will be applied as appropriate - I expect corner traps and some absorption and or diffusion on the wall.

Room plan attached.

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