Parts delay - help!

Hi all
Is anyone else having trouble getting parts for repairs?
Six months ago, my Supercap switch started playing up (not locking into the on position) which resulted in the fuse assembly blowing up. I took it into my local Naim repairer who has been waiting for the parts via the local distributor here in Melbourne.
I was expecting it might take a while with Covid-disrupted supply chains but six months?
Last time I had a problem, @Naim.Marketing fixed it in a flash! Could you work your magic again Clare?
Best wishes to all

John, I’ve messaged you.

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Everyone has including Naim. I’ve been trying to get spares for basic commoditised components. RadioShack are out of stock of anything useful.

I have a down streamer needing a power supply repair (non Naim) and a spare Talema transformer is taking months.

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