Passive bi amping (once again)

Interesting response from Naim with regards to bi amping 2x250DR vs single 300DR which seems to be contrary to the general views on the forum. I was wondering if anyone actually had a chance to compare both? My understanding from reading the reply is that in terms of the sound quality 2x250DR would be better at driving my B&W.

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I read that as being down to personal preference

Another consideration is the speakers themselves.
A good few offer this facility - twin pairs of input terminals.
I would think only a few have really thought this through properly optimising the crossover to benefit from passive bi amping.

B&W have a long history of getting results from such an arrangement, so worth a punt.

I’ve read many reviews over the years where the reviewer had utilised passive bi amping. Some speakers magically transforming into a sum much better than the parts and others unfortunately falling over themselves.

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Why does a pair of 250DRs have more synergy with a Naim system than a single 300DR? Have I misunderstood that point?

I’m extremely happy with my bi-amped setup, albeit a somewhat different arrangement to your proposition.

The advice you’ve received from Naim - to audition both at home - is always the way to go.


Have you ever run it just from your Nap?

Judging by the pros and cons, this maybe refers to bi-amping in the old Naim tradition, i.e. active bi-amping?

Not sure about what the synergy bit is about… Is this an officially published position from Naim or just somebody’s opinion who works there?

I was thinking much the same. Two 250s were not more expensive than one 300, so perhaps the extra cost would be largely for a Snaxo.


But given the OP who asked Naim the question uses B&W 800 series as far as I know the only option is passive bi-amping.

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Possibly whoever gave the response (and it may not have been the person of first contact) was unaware of that?

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In my question to Naim I specified that my speakers are 803d4.

I don’t have a separate preamp so that was not an option for me; I needed a three box solution for the sake of marital harmony, however I can say that adding the 250 to the SN3 gave a pleasing change in SQ - at least to my ear.

Marital happiness allowing, I also have a clear upgrade path through active biamping as already mentioned in this thread. One of the many joys of Naim :wink:

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Whether or not Naim are aware whether the crossovers can easily be removed is another matter… were you specific about only thinking about passive bi-amping?

For anyone contemplating the definitely effective route of active multi-amping, I wonder how easy it is to remove the crossovers. Pics don’t suggest the simple rear removal facilitated by Naim in many of their higher level speakers, but it might be that they can be removed through a bass driver aperture,

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