Pat Metheny - Side Eye NYC

First spin this morning… A good record, only two new, interesting compositions that open and close the record.

“It starts” has a decidedly jazzy slant, the more jazzy side of PM which is a bit like the stylistic code of this work, while Zenith Blues is more reminiscent of the “traditional” PM. The other songs are reinterpretations of classical compositions that we have come to love over the years which are contrasted by an interlude with a more rock vein, Lodger.

Nice record for me, beautifully played, recorded and pressed. A transition work, so to say even if we don’t know what to do. Dusting off the past by giving it a new freshness has pleasant implications, but almost as with every new release of PM I find myself thinking that perhaps we can no longer expect a new Offramp or Letter from home … However for a PM enthusiast this is a good record and a nice appetizer for next year’s tour.

Obviously it is my humble opinion after the first listening … further information will follow and I hope other opinions as well… :smiley:


I have downloaded this album from Qobuz, in Hires.
I like this album, reminds me his debut 80’s works, specially the first track.
However the sound is average, but not bad.
Do you speak of the lp album, Mojo 65?

Ho, yes the LP Is quite good, nothing to complain

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Thanks will give that a listen. Saw him a couple of times, great guitarist :grinning:

Pat Metheny ‘This Is Not America’ with David Bowie!

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I see… There is room for improvement here… :grimacing:

“For a PM enthusiast this is a good record and a nice appetizer for next year’s tour.”

Agree - though was disappointed to see that PM is only playing one gig in the UK - compared to 13 (!) in Germany, 6 on Poland & 5 in Italy. I hope this isn’t a Brexit related thing, in respect of the paperwork difficulties musicians have been complaining about…

Indeed a good record, while not renewing himself as he has done a couple of times…

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