Paul McCartney in 5.1/Dolby Atmos

I’ve been quite startled by how well Paul McCartney’s recent foray into Atmos/surround sound has been done.

The three eponymous albums, I, II and III, have been mixed into Atmos surround by Giles Martin and Sam Okell, I believe, and they, particularly III, are superb.

News of upcoming Frank Zappa releases in surround (a format he embraced in his lifetime) are heartening too.

Anybody else enjoying or otherwise the three recent McCartney albums in surround.

(There’s no physical format yet, or maybe at all, but they are on Apple Music).

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A pity that I haven’t subscribed to Apple Music and probably won’t until it’s easier via the Naim apps/streamers.

I agree it isn’t as seamless as Qobuz.

In my case, I split my playback method: for non-Atmos (admittedly most of my streaming) I use AirPlay2 to cast to my Nova from iPhone or iPad.

For Atmos/surround mixes (of which there are increasingly more) I access Apple Music via my Apple 4K TV which is connected to my DenonAV amp, this decodes the Atmos into Dolby 5.1 and sends the front left and right to the Nova, whilst other channels are handled by the Denon.

Works really well and gives cheap access to surround mixes.

I used to be a Qobuz subscriber and I was reluctant to leave it but Apple Music has won me over with the surround offerings.

I’d like to sign with Apple as I believe they’ll have a bigger library and more local stuff (Aus), iTunes always had a good catalog of local music. Qobuz are getting better and do respond if you email them.

Guess we’ll just have to wait and see what Apple/Naim do.

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