PAYG Streaming

Would “Pay As You Go” streaming work?

I currently have Tidal but use predominantly Qobuz but if Qobuz didn’t have it it would be good to pay Tidal a one off payment to play an album.

Without this option Tidal is likely to be cancelled.

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Surely that’s where downloading an album, or buying/ripping the CD comes in?

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For me the point of streaming is to see if you like something or not.

If it’s great then I’ll often buy on vinyl or Hires download. Streaming has cost me a lot of money :grin:

Spotify Free on your mobile device may be the answer for a first listen. You won’t get an idea on recording quality, of course, but for a quick ‘discovery’ listen it could be OK.

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I thought that a couple of quid to do a stream would give the artist more money even if it turned out that you didn’t like it enough to purchase.

That is very noble of you. You can buy the album, and often a lower quality edition - e.g. mp3 - is available for a lower price.

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Yes, that would be better than nothing but when I pick recommendations from the various threads in the Music section of the forum if it’s not on Qobuz I may not bother.
The ease of streaming has meant I’ve paid £60 for “Patricia Barber - Café Blue” on double LP and bought CD and also the Unmastered versions too.

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