I’m sure it works well, but can someone who uses it advise whether or not if you send a link for someone to make a payment, whether or not the payees details are sent to them.

I have younger colleagues who seem to have few concerns over privacy etc and have sent links for payment for various things we’ve all agreed to chip in for - I’d prefer to give them cash but as many of us are working remotely it’s clearly a simple option.

I do not really however want casual work colleagues to know one of my enail addresses and potentially my address - PayPal’s site is not very helpful regarding this ‘service’.

Equally I could do a direct bank transfer but why would I want to divulge my bank account to someone as it would appear in their payments?

Why not look at a revolut card?
They are very usable for sending money to others and sharing costs, etc.
They also have an option to generate virtual cards which are deleted after a single use, to prevent cloning etc

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Thanks for the suggestion, I may look into that regardless a sit looks interesting, but I’m specifically concerned about PayPal.Me as a colleague has messaged me saying you agreed to donate a tenner for something - please pay via the PayPal.Me link - I’d rather just hand her the cash but as we are working remotely it’s hard to do so.

I know it sounds trivial but I don’t necessarily want a work ‘club together’ to pay for something to result in others having my address and personal email due to a payment method I may not want to use.

I have a PayPal account and also the
TBH I don’t like the me version and always use the main PayPal account service.

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I would say I was ‘not comfortable with all aspects of PayPal security’, invent a mythical friend with a really bad experience’ and send a cheque instead.

in other words be friendly but old skool

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Yes, that’s my inclination or a tenner in an envelope (if I’m paranoid the cheque would still have my account details).

I use on line banking with a well known Nationwide building society.

If you are going to make more than one payment you can create a facility to make payments.

As it uses an ever changing code basis I find it very safe.

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Yes regular PayPal is a very secure service, I much prefer to use where I can online and avoid using credit cards and definitely debit cards online unless I have a high degree of confidence/trust in the merchant. Though I do have a specific credit card for ‘risk merchant’ transactions only.
I also avoid direct bank transfers unless I have a high degree of trust so as to avoid sharing bank details.
Luckily PayPal is being offered more and more online and I will sometimes reject using an online merchant who only uses credit or debit cards.
PayPal also offer the escrow service for some online payment options, where you are not debited until a period of time after you have confirmed you have received goods. PayPal also supports regular payments and transactions where I find it easy to control and more convenient than using banking direct debits for certain transactions.

With PayPal over the years since I have used it I have not had one fraud for sending or receiving money … the same can’t be said for sending money via my credit cards.


I had a tiff with PayPal recently and stopped using their service. They refused to let foreigners in Japan use the direct debit service because they will only validate Japanese names.

Then they had the gall to lie about it. When I called them they claimed my bank made the rejection but simple Javascript debugging showed that they were rejecting bank details locally without even contacting the bank. The fix would have been about four bytes of code to allow roman alphabet but they refused to do it.

I then found a long list of other users in other Asian countries with the same problem going back over a decade and PP will not change this. Then when I told them their operation was discrimination, they told me that nothing was stopping me from changing my name to meet the requirements.

Since then, I moved over to TransferWise. Transparent. No funny rules. Fast.

That sounds unfortunate, luckily their European operations don’t have any such shenanigans or funny rules I have ever come across, and I have been a customer of theirs since their very early days… and I am sure I don’t get any special treatment.
But it is the online merchant security where they are king…and possibly are market leaders.

Exactly what i use between Germany and UK

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Same here, but I’m happy to use it for one-offs too. It’s a robust secure means of sending money.

Some years ago I made the mistake of using western union to make a payment.
For a Naim amp as it happens.
I got scammed and lost 2k from that experience.
Even used passwords, etc but to no avail.
Tried police etc but they are not interested.

One of life’s experiences!!

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Sorry to hear that.

There’s suxh. delicate balance with online things, social media and so forth - I thinjk I’m generally rather cautious to my detriment.

Sadly criminals use every avenue available to them to prey on decent folk.

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