Pearl Acoustics - Sibelius speakers

Apologies if covered previously, but has anyone on the forum had experience of the Sibelius speakers by Pearl Acoustics?

They look fantastic, but seem to be below the radar among my fraternity. I’ve never heard them but would like to.

The inventor and Technical Director, Harley Lovegrove, is a fascinating chap (and with a name like that, why wouldn’t he be?).

His You Tube videos are excellent and insightful, an audiophile in love with the music and the medium.

For example….


They did get a very good review in Hi-Fi Critic a few years back. Paul Messenger liked them.

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Thanks James - impressive write up from a recognised authority. Would be interested in any opinions from those who’ve had decent experience of them. Complete opposite from the ‘thin wall’ construction I’ve been used to - but I’m open to different approaches. This is fascinating…

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I have them on my listen list, but, they don’t have regular shop dealers. You go and listen to them at someone that already has some.

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No commercial links here in the Hifi corner please. Thanks.

Apologies Richard !

I believe I’m the guilty party here, not you James. Still learning the Forum rules @Richard.Dane

All I can say is that I’m not flogging anything or interested in pushing any product. All (deleted) links posted in good faith.

Just want to hear those speakers.

No it was my fault - I thought it was a link to the Critic mag article that I’d posted but having looked again it was a link to the manufacturers website which hosted the article…

They do look interesting speakers though and beautifully made. I’ll be interested in what you think if you do get to hear them.

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My links to Mr Lovegrove waxing lyrical were also deleted. On refection, can see why. But enjoyed the review - thank you.

I have to be really strict on it to ensure the forum is not used by commercial enterprises trying to promote their wares (believe me, they do try, but I ensure that most never get beyond the door). This way it’s easier to police and it keeps the forum completely clean.

I include reviews not authorised by Naim, and also youtube videos or reviews with commercial interest.


Yup - I appreciate the dilemma Richard. And no offence taken.

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I had a listen to them at a dealer in west london. I was very taken with them and am trying to organise funds to buy a pair (subject to negotiation with the athetics committee). They are a good bit taller then my current speakers but smaller footprint.


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