Peculiar oddity with microwave while streaming

I have a nice wood shop where I spend the majority of my free time. It’s well equipped with semi-industrial machinery along with hand tools. There’s also a small kitchenette area with sink, fridge and microwave.
I have a Sonos Play 5 (older model) and a Sonos sound bar in separate rooms in the shop, grouped together in Roon. I have a Nova and a BlueSound Node 2021 in separate rooms in the house. No issues with either system in the house.
When I’m playing through the Sonos group via Roon in the shop and use the microwave, it stops the music, which then has to be restarted. I have no issues with it stopping while using machinery, so I suspect it’s RF interference.
Not a huge deal, just inconvenient. Wondering if anyone else has noticed anything similar.


Yes, have had issues with the microwave affecting wi-fi for many many years.

Thanks G! Just checked and the wifi in my shop is operating at 2.4. I’ll switch it to 5 and see if it resolves the problem.
Thanks again for the feedback.

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My managers connection drops when his wife uses the microwave. We get a lovely insight in their communications once its up and running again.

Our Muso goes off whilst using the microwave. Knocks it out for quite a while after it’s finished heating things.

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