Pet and System Pics

That’s an impressive pair of ears!


I was just thinking the same thing!

An audiophile cat perhaps


Isolda has a fine tail too. Here you can see my patented CatGuards in place in front of the speakers!


Maine Coone?


I am a bit of a Wagnerian but Isolda is the name the breeder gave her - she was from an “I” litter.

Some of the male cats at her breeding centre were huge - quite the biggest cats that I’ve ever seen! Approaching 15kg!


But what a cutie! And with tail & ears to die for! :grin:

Many years ago we had a couple of Siamese kittens. The boy, Sasha, had enormous ears for his small size, such that a friend (also a cat lover/owner) commented, “They’re huge. I suppose he’ll grow into them!”

He didn’t….they just got bigger! :laughing:

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A fine-looking cat and clearly thinking about the challenge of getting to the speakers.

I have SCM40s, great for kittens as the metal grills would protect the drive units, I confidently thought. A couple of days ago, I heard something clattering to the floor. Assumed one of them had knocked something off a kitchen surface. They hadn’t. Looking in the lounge and there were two innocent-looking kittens examining an SCM40 metal grill on the floor. Clearly, they were wondering why the magnets holding the speaker grills on had failed momentarily.

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What magnificent ear tufts!

So I’m getting this puppy next month. Just met the breeder and learned she’s a violinist and plays for them every night. The puppy’s favorite is Bach


Very cool

You taking up the violin nicnaim?

Isolde definitely has a sense of entitlement on display there! Lovely cat and still relatively young I think?

Yes, she’s about 7 months. A lot of growing still to do!

That’s a good sized tail for 7 months. I think she will grow into her ears, as it were. We have three Maine Coons at the moment and have had three others before, so I am used to how their ears look!

This puss, Monty, was about a year old when this photo was taken. Unfortunately he died quickly (and very expensively) of a sudden pneumonia at about four years old. But this was seven years ago, so no-one needs to commiserate with me now!


That’s a lovely cat and a sad story.

Isolde’s predecessor as a Maine Coon was just about the opposite. Mr Citron lived to 16 and didn’t have much in the way of health problems until the one that finished him off. He was quite a big un!


This is rather off-topic so I won’t continue here, but we had a big red tabby like that. I think yours was bigger though!

Our Maine Coon gone on an extended hunting trip. She does this then comes back looking like the creature from the black lagoon, but covered in blood. They are prolific hunters!!!


Not my experience: here is our currently largest one ready for action.


Cute pictures guys but can we have systems and pets please