Peter Frampton goes to Washington

Whilst I have a streamer , I use for internet radio only . From what Mr Frampton says there is a serious imbalance between the number of plays and the royalties .

I did check this story and it seems right

This does seem an old story recycled onto Facebook but the message is one I’ve read before


so how would one become a music billionaire today? touring?

and another thing - if those streaming rates are so low, and everyone is primarily streaming (not buying physical copies) how can Springsteen’s catalogue be worth $500m? It doesn’t square.

Because besides streaming there is radio , vinyl, CD sales .

Springsteen’s Letter to You - his most recent release that’s not the cover album - sold 96,00 units. I don’t believe that Born to Run is going to sell a million physical copies over the next five years. And we’re unlikely to hear Born In The U.S.A. 56 million times on the radio

So my question still stands.

so how much is that exactly?

Is there anyone here that understands the economics behind music today?

Maybe Mr Frampton should have read the contract he signed and stopped moaning?

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He didn’t know how to read it. :joy:

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I hope that he has received a few pennies from me, as I re-bought the 2LP set ‘Frampton Comes Alive’ a few weeks ago. It is as fantastic as I remember it when I bought it as a student in Oxford all those years ago.

It’s funny how listening to music can ‘transport’ you back over the years to a time and place when/where you first heard it.


There does seem a significant amount of difference in what gets paid.



Thanks. Getting more interesting. Even at Spotify’s low rate, Frampton should have gotten $246,400 for his 56m streams…

Frampton needs a new agent.

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Reading Frampton’s comments , it seems that it was the "record companies " that “ratted them out” , my suspicion is that he may earn more these days , but not a lot more .

That’s why I prefer physical media

I don’t know what are the true facts, but the data quoted in the opening post are anomalous: Mr Frampton complained in 2017 that he had received $3000 for 56M plays, and a day ago said he had received $1700 for 55M plays. Whilst both seem minute sums for the number of plays, clearly something is factually incorrect, begging the question which did he actually receive …or was it a completely different sum?

Funny I just got a email from Qobuz this morning asking a few questions, one was about would I/do I support artists being paid a fair royalty from streaming services. Stupid question really they know the answer and should just get on with it and fix this mess before it’s gets any worse.


I have that email too. Though I do recall that Qoboz are the best payer for royalties, by some margin?

Probably true think I’ve read somewhere but the figures that are quoted are a sham.

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