Peter Gabriel i/o - Released 1st Dec'23

This has been released today. From the email I got -

“Well, we’ve finally made it. Today, sees the physical and digital release of the album i/o , the culmination of twelve full and new moons and monthly bright-side, dark-side and in-side mixes… Thank you so much for taking this lunar odyssey with us, what a ride it has been!”

“Out now are the 2CD, 2CD and Blu-ray, 2LP Bright-Side Mix and 2LP Dark-Side Mix formats. The Box Set will follow in March 2024.”

On line sales seem to be for the 2 CD Bright/Dark Mix versions.

I will look forward to reading comments from anyone… :thinking:

Also as www.downloads with various options
Full prices range from £20 for the 24/96 double ‘disc’ bright & dark mix tracks

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Just downloaded it and Long Walk Home (Music From The Rabbit-Proof Fence) from Qobuz, I’ll have a listen tonight.

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Just over £8 for the-hires version on Qobuz with sublime, 60% discount.


Giving the hires a stream now.



Just took delivery of it on vinyl as I headed out for the rest of the day.

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Hi Gazza, I don’t have Sublime, maybe one day when the good old NDX gets moved on.
I normally shop around as prices tend to variy from the usual vendors (none are consistently the best price winners)
I was surprised to find the best is HDTracks, FLAC 24/96
The USD to GBP is +/- £18.50.

But pricing aside, its a nice listening album, surprisingly uncomplictaed for Peter Gabriel.
The dark & bright side mixes are a bit (a lot) too similar, I suspect I will only be listing to the dark tracks, so I’m feeling slightly grrr


I’m with @Gazza a bargain on Qobuz Sublime.

It’s on Bandcamp for £14 + tax BUT is it Hi Res? - you never really know on Bandcamp until you download it.

High Res Audio have it for £29.40 with a current Noel 20% discount if you want to pay over the odds.

I don,t get the Qobuz pricing……some old stuff is still “expensive”….then this gets a big discount?

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Yes they seem to have done an across the board price hike recently. As Mike says you have to shop around.

It sure is not cheap as a download purchase on Qobuz if you aren’t a ‘sublime’ subscriber. Nearly £17 for a 24 track album, but it is actually twelve tracks with two versions of each (a ‘bright side’ and ‘dark side’ mix) Not quite spent enough time with the album to decide if I’d be happy with just one version of each song, or perhaps I can pick’n’mix! Maybe later they’ll let you buy just one ‘side’ if you wish. Agree with Mike B they aren’t terribly different.

It sounds extremely well recorded listening on Tidal.

I am enjoying it but I just have a nagging feeling it is a bit preachy. He is not the most subtle or poetic lyricist is he?


I find it odd that I read several reviews and none seemed to mention this odd format of a set of remixed versions.

Just listening to it on Qobuz, it’s rather good and I’m not a huge Gabriel fan. I notice Radio Paradise are giving it a fair bit of airplay today too

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I’ve purchased the 2CD/Blu-ray release and received it on release day from the great river store.
I saw him live earlier in the year, when he played many of the songs (with some heard for the first time). With the full moon pre-releases during the last year, I’ve favoured the dark side mixes.

Despite being a very long time in the making, the music doesn’t seem overworked (it’s still Gabriel). I think this could be a product of handing responsibility for mixes to two different mix engineers.

There are definitely references to early albums especially his second and third to my ears.

Listening to a album in it’s entirety is definitely drawing me to some of the quieter and more reflective songs.

Thoughts so far is that it’s a very strong release and up there with his best


I have been picking up the tracks one by one as they have been drip fed and only really liked a couple. Went to the live show in Birmingham and was very disappointed, but had very poor seats and muddy sound. In a better venue with good seats and sound we could see how much better it could have been. Somewhat bizarrely since then I have grown to enjoy the songs a lot more and now hearing it full as an album proper it is only growing on me more.

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I’m fancying a punt on this on vinyl but don’t know whether to go for the bright or dark mix. Is there a consensus on which is best?

It is hires - 24/96. Just bought it.


Nice one - pity they don’t specify this.

But I have noticed a few where they have highlighted it’s Hi Res and whacked the price up.

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Is the Bandcamp £14 price for both Bright & Dark Side mixes?

Yes - click on i/o and page down to track list.

Don’t forget the tax add on.


Brilliant, thanks Andy, will plunge later :+1:

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