Phantom speaker cable

Hi everyone!

I tried to contact Witch hat audio from Germany several times with no avail…always busy…

I would love to order their Phantom speaker cable.

Will their silver banana plugs fit nicely into my Supernait 2 and my Ovators S-400?
Maybe someone can confirm this…that would be great.

Thank you in advance

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I had the phantoms into supernait 2 and b@w n no problems n sounds fantastic


I am a big fan of WH…but their customer service is awful! I would describe them as an engineering/technical led company and everything else takes a back seat. From my experience with them over many years, you can order in confidence without contacting them first. They will always deliver…eventually!


Just order from their website and notice you have S-400, didn’t these have special new plugs but still banan ?
WH use Audioquest silver-plated banan plugs which fit nice into a Supernait.



They are definitely engineers that sell things, rather than sales people that want you to buy something. When I did get to talk to someone they were clearly taking a break from making something and stopped me making a mistake with my order. Not the quickest delivery, however the packaging was a thing of beauty/expensive overkill. Good stuff.

Thank you.
I reached them yesterday and they told me that the Phantom cable with the Audioquest banana plugs will fit nicely into the Supernait 2 and the Ovator S-400.

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