Phil Lynott commemorative stamps

nice move by an Post to celebrate 50 years of Thin Lizzy

Caroline his wife in the middle, Cathleen on the left and Sarah on the right, grandchildren behind.



Thanks for that, great to see, I love the black rose cover as a stamp, and nice to see Sarah Philomena 40 or so years after the song.

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Thats a lovely photo of Phil’s family. And Caroline who was the daughter of comedian Lesley Crowther has aged beautifully. But ultimately a sad story, he was a great loss.


It’s happened already, Jimi, Coleridge…

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I’m constantly amazed at the things people write here.

Phil was hardly alone in this both in the music industry and beyond. Further, frankly, I fail to see the relevance of it or even the difference between someone who is addicted to drugs or someone addicted to nicotine or alcohol.

Celebrate the art or don’t. His personal life’s been done to death in the media.

(For some reason I had it in my head this was about Ginger Baker, despite the title. Hence the post edit.)


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