Phillips hue sync?

Thinking of adding lights , sync box to my home theatre , and wondering what you thoughts are? On Hue lighting

I have Hue throughout. It is not cheap, but it works very well for me. I have a number of the long rope lights, including a synch light, along three sides of the skirting in three channels I made to push the light up the walls.
It is lovely to be able to sit and listen in the evenings with moody lighting.
The picture was taken about ten minutes ago, at midnight rather than midday, the effect is very much stronger.


Thank you I’m thinking of getting the gradient tube and strip sync box and placing strip behind Tv and tube underneath , but thinking it might be a bit distracting

Seen two used like that, one on a gaming PC that was ok, it couldn’t quite keep up with the game. The one on a TV was very nice, added to the scene. We were watching Bladerunner.

Philips Hue all the way. It‘s like HiFi: start with a bridge and a lightbubble and extend as funds allow.

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I seriously dislike the coloured glow around a TV that some people have - very distracting. That said, I do like adjustable coloured mood lighting, but the Philips Hue approach is so ridiculously expensive, or was last time I looked. You can buy far less expensive remote controllable variable colour LED strips that can be interlinked, and with a bit of creative/DIY flair could easily be set up to provide background and/or feature lighting in a room. I haven’t done in the music/cinema room as a degree of room reconstruction is planned, but I am thinking of doing so afterwards. (For cinema of course it would be fully off during a film.)

In connection with some specialised temperature monitoring of my air source heat pump I discovered that many of these bulbs use a Wemos 8266 type WiFi chip. This can be adapted (with a temporary usb connection) to change the firmware to enable interfacing to Home Assistant (HA) using ESPhome. Once connected to HA I dare say there are plenty of other free bits of control software to use. You could also mix and match using different brands that cost less.

It is quite worrying how much of our home is cloud controlled these days. HA changes this to local control unless you really need to be able to control things from anywhere in the world.


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