Phono cable RCA recommendation

The cable should have low capacitance as I use a Goldring 1042 MM.
My Graham Slee has 100pf input capacitance.
Tonally more on the warm side welcome.

Chord Company cables are very popular.

I can’t help you with capacitance, I’m afraid.

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I asked Chord about this, but unfortunately they never replied.

Cardas Iridium , it’s 16pF / feet

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I use Yannis Tome cables from my TT into a Graham Slee stage. Hiline RCA to DIN from the stage to my amp.

I think about 40pF/m, their specs are published on the eBay shop they have.

[edited: I use their Silvercord Duo 24, the coppercord might be better suited and starts at very reasonable prices.]

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That seems odd. I would chase them up, if I were you. I’m sure that Chord are not so bl**dy successful that they can afford to ignore requests from the general public.,

Perhaps they only respond to queries from dealers? In which case, can you ask your dealer to chase them?

Couple of thoughts, ask Graham Slee what they recommend or speak to your dealer, I’m fairly sure Chord have a cable library so that you can have a trial.

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Graham Slee also produce cables, so they should certainly also be considered/consulted! Their introductory text on cables makes interesting reading too :slight_smile:

Strange that they don’t do phono cables…
Just interconnects, thus from their stages to amp.

Blue Jeans LC-1. Well made, and only 40pF/m.

Interconnects are what they describe them as, but they are low capacitance (55pF/m for CuSat) so I’m not sure they’d be unsuitable for use between the TT and phono stage? From what I recall of the GS forum, members there certainly use them. Definitely worth asking Graham Slee I reckon

Mogami 2497 works well from turntable to phono stage. Cheap as chips also!

I have used this between my turntable and riaa. And from riaa to preamp. Had a high end dealer that said the sound was wonderful.

Do not use too much money on this stuff. I do not believe so much in differences in sound quality, but the pleadure of ownership is something else.

Seems unlike them, they’ve always responded to me pretty quickly. Might he have emailed the “other” Chord?

No, I have not.
Only wrote that Clearway or Shawline could be used as phono cable.
There was no answer to the question about capacity.

Tellurium q black

Tellurium Q gives out virtually no information about its cables.
I had the Blue II speaker cable and didn’t find it particularly good.

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