Phono Cartidge Problem

Hello to everyone.
I use the Ortofon Concorde Century phono cartridge.
This morning when I dropped the needle to the record the left channel was dead.
I switched the cartridge to my older DJ Nightclub mk2 and it was playing normal,both channels.
I immediately contacted my dealer & went to his place.
He checked the cartridge with a voltmeter & indeed the channel is off.
He told me he will contact Ortofon to get instructions.
He also told me that if the problem is with the cartridge they will replace it but if it is with the stylus they won’t take responsibility.
It is totally understood but i ask you,how can a stylus get damaged in less than a year,with max 3-4 hours of use weekly & always being take care off in terms of cleaning ,maintenance…
I have changed over a dozen of cartridges & this is the first time this happens to me & it happened with the most expensive cartidge I have ever used.
Anyone had same experience???

I’d stop worrying until you actually have confirmation that it’s the stylus. Which seems unlikely if a channel dropped out

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You are absolutely right mate.
I believe you understand that is really annoying when smt like this happens with new equipment.

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a single dead channel is most likely not related to the stylus itself. A broken wire or bad solder joint are probably causing your problem. As lightness is usually beneficial for most things inside a cartridge the better ones are more likely affected.

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Oh yes, I do understand :slight_smile:

Can’t possibly be the stylus. When the dealer checked it with his meter, he picked up that one coil is disconnected. Nothing to do with the stylus. So I wouldn’t worry.



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Thank you everyone for your replies.
Let’s hope everything goes well.

I had a problem with the stylus on my Ortofon Cadenza Bronze. My dealer contacted Henley Audio, UK distributors, who replaced the cartridge after inspecting it.

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Just a quick update.
Spoke to my dealer today,to learn about the progress of the issue.
He told me that Ortofon is closed till the 10th of August,due to summer.
So if i assume they open on the 10th of August,my dealer has to ship the cartridge to them,then they inspect it,etc.,etc…
I assume,being very optimistic, I will have an answer mid to late September…

I sent a Royal N to Ortofon in May, it came back rebuilt after exactly two months. I have a part worn 17D3 which comes in handy at times like this.

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