Phono Cartridge selection

Greetings to everyone.
On the 10th of August I had an issue with my previous cartridge, the Ortofon Concorde Century.
Oit if nowhere the left channel stopped playing.
I immediately took the cartridge to my dealer & he shipped it back to Ortofon for inspection.
After almost 3,5 months we still have no answer & my dealer,by himself, offered to refund me with a new cartridge with the same value or buy smt else & pay the extra amount.
I have three choices:

  1. Sumiko amethyst MM
  2. Sumiko bluepoint no.3 MC high or low output &
  3. Goldnote donatello red MC high output

I mostly listen to electronic music (70%) & classic rock,metal (30%).
I prefer & warm presentation & I am not very fan of analytical & clinical sound.
Any recommendations & experience of the above three would be very helpful.
Thank you!!!

I’m currently using a Hana SL ,it has a warmer more forgiving sound than my Audio Technica AT33EV.


From different reviews I could read, Goldnote is not best suited for rock, metal.

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Just found a review on the new Vertere Sabre MM cart on Ear Audio. Around 1100 euros.

Picture from Ear Audio.



I wonder why they left so much of the underside uncovered?

My recommendation in the Sumiko blue point range is

Hana SL or even EL
Audio Technica AT33/PTG II

Hana will probably give you the presentation you are looking for. I have never got on with high output MCs they don’t sound quite right to me or at least the ones I have heard.


Hello to everyone & thank you all for your participation.
Gentlemen it seems we have a winner…

Unfortunately I didn’t have the luxury to test it using the Ovator’s yet,but I took a first satisfactory taste through my headphones.
I won’t say what my first impressions are,because the ultimate Judge for me are the Ovator’s.

Most people won’t be looking up its skirt.

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That may be so, but it must constitute a horrible dust trap. Very odd design, in my opinion.

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