Phono carts for builtin phono stage


I was doing some reading on the built in phono stage, so just curious

anyone tried the Hana EH (High Output) MC

Naim says:
Our input impedance is 47kΩ in parallel with 470F capacitive loading, and our gain is perfect for 5mV moving magnet cartridges.

So I have to look at the capacitice loading to be 470
the ohms should be 47
and output 5mV
If it doesn’t match exactly wont work?

It will be fine. For many years, I have (along with others) run a Dynavector 10X with an output of 2.5mV into Naim N boards, without any problems.

You do not say which built in phono stage you have - and you Profile does not help me further.

It’s about the synergy more than anything. An experienced dealer that knows Naim MM phono stages would likely steer you towards four or five known carts that sound great with it and steer you hard away from some others that really don’t work so well. And yet they probably all have the same 100-200nF loading.

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@DarkCat - Believe you have a Nait XS3 - from your previous posts…?

As @feeling_zen says, a good Naim dealer could guide you, as to a suitable cartridge which would work well. I think I am safe in saying that the DV10X would be one of those.

The XS3 does have a MM stage. Like the SN3, it’s based on the StageLine N.

@feeling_zen @DarkCat - Apologies. I missed that…
Post revised.,… :neutral_face:

All makes (more) sense now… :thinking: