Phono pre for UnitiQute

Hallo all! My name is Leopold, and I have been a lurker for years. I hope it is OK to take advantage of the knowledge and opinion pool here, without actually contributing. I have profited immensely from reading hours worth of posts here about the best way to connect my streamers, I thank you all for that.

Today, I am hoping to get recommendations for a phono stage to connect between my freshly revised and new-to-me Dual 704 (oh heresy) with a Dual (Ortofon) M20E cartridge and my good old UnitiQute. This is my office setup and the Qute currently plays into Q Acoustic 3020. Should I ever slow down on watch collecting—my current obsession—I will get Neat Iota Alphas.

Due to being manically focused on watches, I am not that au currant on good budget MM phono stages that will be a sensible match for my setup.

I am in Austria, and thus far I have found

iFi Zen Phono
Lehmann Black Cube Statement
Rega Fono MM
NAD PP2, (e), (i)
Pro-Ject (but which one? S? S2? SE?)
Cambridge Azur 551p, 651p, 640P-S
Musical Fidelity V90-LPS, X-LP, LX-LPS
Thorens MM 002
Rotel RQ-970bx
Creek OBH-15
aikido 1

all of which I can get for around 80-200 euroquid on the second hand market here. I don’t want to spend more. I am genuinely uninterested in MC cartridges, so will not need that functionality. Of course any alternative suggestions are welcome!

I am looking forward to your answers.

Only because I own one :stuck_out_tongue: You could add Graham Slee to that list. Lots of budget points.

How are you hoping to narrow things down? Best of luck choosing :slight_smile:

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The NAD is great cost performance and works great with Naim amps.

The other option is a deck with built-in phono stage. Some are quite good.

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Thanks! Graham Slee not available locally second hand at my price point. About narrowing down: I was hoping for help from the forum members for this :slight_smile:

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Deck is here already, Dual 704. NAD easily obtainable here, will go to top of list. Thanks!

Wait, I did find one. GramAmp2 Communicator €180. Punt?

In the end I settled on a Schiit Mani 2. Got a decent deal on a second hand one. Haven’t tried it out yet. Will only report if it’s awful. Thanks everyone!