Phono pre on vintage Naim set

Hi all.

A bit difficult to explain in English but I give it a try. I managed to get a vintage Naim set consisting of a Naim nait 3.5 a flatcap and a cd player cd 3.5.all in olive green.But I want to connect a this set
But I can”t find any decent info on this subject. De manuels I found do not give any further info. So I wonder if the 3.5 has a buid in phono pre amp or not? In case not, Do I also need some kind of external power device. Or can the Flatcap do the trick?

The NAIT 3 has the ability to take internal phono boards - NA52x type. Which ones are best will spend on the cartridge you are running; NA522 for Moving Magnet, or NA523 for MCs.

However, as standard the NAIT 3 had links on the main board, which means the phono input is a line level input. You just need to open up the lid and find out whether there are boards fitted, and if so, which ones. And if not, you can either fit NAIM NA52x boards of whichever type you require (note that the links on the main board then need to be cut with snips), or you could use an off board phono stage into the line level input.


I had a good look inside and there is no phonoboard inside. So a external phono board (MM) seems to be in order.Since I like to stay within the Naim family a stageline is the best I gues. But can I power the stageline with a flatcap? And how to connect? I can"t find any manuels dealing with vintage Naim gear.

I wouldn’t bother with a Stageline. Just get some NA522 MM boards to fit inside the NAIT3. They are usually fairly easily found secondhand. Try some of the usual Naim dealers who specialise in secondhand kit, if your own dealer can’t help. Just remember to cut the links on the NAIT’s main board first…

Richard’s idea also prevents the need for another flatcap.

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