Phono preamp and Naim 5si

Can I put another phono preamp and then connect to a classic Naim input?
I have a friend who can’t budget for an XS3 and I know the 5SI can’t see the Naim stageline.
If we put another phono amplifier should it work between the turntable and the amp?
Thanks for your help

Absolutely, you can use any phono stage you want. You can use a Stageline too, but it would need its own separate power supply, which makes things expensive.

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As HH says you can use any phono amp as a starting point suggest Rega or Project amongst others. Your friend will need to ensure the cartridge matches the phono amp but a good dealer will help with this.

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Thank you for your answers

True, the Nait 5Si does not have an AUX2 socket.

In the case of a Nait 5Si, a Naim iSupply or Flatcap (any variant but probably the later the better) would typically be used to power a Stageline. (Both are discontinued but can be found secondhand). A Naim 4pin - 5pin DIN interconnect is used to return the signal from the Stageline to the main amp if an iSupply is used, or from the Flatcap if that is used.

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