Phono stage for Rega P3 Elys 2

I know that there’s quite a lot of highly detailed info about Stagelines on the forum, but I’d like some advice on whether it would be worthwhile changing Rega Fono Mini (which has always had some earth hum, but also sounds a bit ‘cramped’ to my ears), for second-hand Stageline N?
Rest of the set-up is Supernait - which I’d use fo power the Stageline - and CD5 with PMC Twenty 23’s.
I’m intending to buy ND5 XS2 in the new year to improve sound of the streaming from current Bluesound Vault, which I’ll use as server until I can justify spending more on Naim Core.


I love my Stageline. But I would want to investigate the hum on the Rega Fono Mini first. Is it as far away as possible from the P3’s motor, the P3 motor’s power supply, and the the SN’s transformer as the leads will allow?

Thanks. Indeed I have investigated this. It’s a really quiet noise, and strangely enough even at the time of buying it I queried it with the shop, who tried out others in their stock which also had the same noise! (Yes, it surprised them too).
GIven that most of my listening is digital these days, but I’ve got many LPs that have stuff unavailable on streaming services I’m looking to get the best possible sound from each source - but without breaking the bank.

Okay. I was trying to save you a few quid so that you could get to that streaming box a bit quicker.

I like the Rega stages with Rega cartridges. There are a few here who use a Stageline with them. My Stageline is matched very well with an Audio Technica cartridge. A Stageline N and whatever the latest version of the AT95e is, could be just the job for you. Or you might prefer it with your Elys.

Others will no doubt chime in about the Trichord Dino. Dynavector p75, Lehmann Cube…

In view of what you say & feel, I would strongly recommend that you listen to both the Rega Fono Mini vs. the Naim Stageline, side by side, before drawing any conclusion or making any decision.

I appreciate that. Thanks

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I used an iFi iPhono with a Rega P3, using the Rega TT PSU and later a Neo PSU. I found the motor in the Rega was a source of unwanted noise and grounded from one of the screws on the rear of the TT PSU or Neo PSU to the grounding post on the amp. It wasn’t loud or distracting in playback but was noticeable and the closer the cartridge was to the centre spindle the hum did increase somewhat.
I certainly found that a decent phono stage in my setup.
Both my setups now have integrated MM inputs which is a SN3 and a Linn Selekt DSM so the iPhono is left spare for future projects.

I just took delivery of a Schiit Mani (three day shipping from the USA - remarkable) and it seems to be very engaging indeed. Good value too.

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How about a pre-loved Rega Aria? You should be able to find one for about the same price as a new Stageline. That works with both MM and MC carts so gives room for future upgrades.


Well, I’ve decided to get second hand Stageline N and will try it out and listen to the end result. Hopefully it will sound better than the mini. I’ll let you all know

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Ok. It’s been a week or so now, and I’ve got used to the change and must say it’s a real improvement. The sound is lovely and warm with much greater clarity than I had from the Fono mini. Obviously, in the scheme of things I’m very much small-fry, as paying just over £200 for a Stageline is nowhere near as much as many of you are spending on hi-end. Nonetheless, overall if anyone else is spending small money on a Naim-based system I’d certainly recommend spending a little bit extra on phono stage.
To get better I’d need to upgrade the cartridge on the Planar 3, and don’t feel I can justify that.
Now I simply need to improve the Streaming stage and change from Bluesound to Naim multi-room.


Well done. Excellent Value For Money - IMO. For a pre-loved Stageline N for around £200…!!!

Well, I’ve been listening to this combination for the past few days and can’t believe the difference - it’s like my whole vinyl collection has been renewed. Seems that investing a bit more in each stage of the system really pays off. For me, that’s as far as I’ll be going in the vinyl route - onto the Streaming upgrade in the new year. Thanks to those of you who’ve offere advice on this thread. Signing off now. John



I loved my Stageline, it took a Superline to improve upon it.



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