Phono stage recommendations please


I have a rega planar 1 with the rega carbon cartridge.

It used to be paired with an arcam fmj a18 but I recently bought a Nait xs2 and haven’t played any vinyl for a while so now missing it.

Speakers are klipsch rp-150m.

Any phono recommendations for this setup? Have been looking at Naim stage line but wanted some input if this will work.

Thank you

With a Rega Planar 1 and Carbon your best bet would probably be a Rega Fono, unless you can find a Stageline N (and its SNAIC 5) secondhand at a very good price.

Of course, the NAIT XS2 may very well ask a lot more from the vinyl front end, so perhaps go for a cheap s/h phono stage if it means you can put some money towards a better deck/arm/cart.


I was afraid of this answer…

And if a recommended upgrade for the front end was asked, would that be in the realms of a planar 3? Or higher?

I had a Planar 1 plus for a while. Upgrading to a P6/Ania was a revelation, with the Fono MC. If you are serious about vinyl it’s a great combination. With a Rega cartridge, a Fono makes more sense than a Stageline, and it’s cheaper too.


I’ll try and arrange a demo.

I worry my ears won’t tell the difference. I went and did a demo of the new klipsch version of my current speakers, some kef ls50 and some jbl’s costing £1,500.

I’m embarrassed to say I couldn’t tell the difference!

That’s great - you get to save the money. :wink:

Once you start critically listening your ears will hear a diff. I have the rega fono and like it a lot. I would not spend more to couple with planar 1

I have Clearaudio Concept MC and Naim Superline. Before that, I had Vertere Phono Stage 1. Ps1 is great phonostage. Honestly I can highly recommenced it. Its has a great built and it sounds very nice, but… compared to Naim Superline it is like comparing fiat and bmw. Vertere sounds more like a CD. Very clean very precise. But, there is a lack of presence and noise is more present at higher volume.

Superline, on the other hand, is very transparent, voices have more presence in the room, all in all sound is much more dynamic and and lively. Noise is heard only at maximum level. On the other hand is very sensitive with power supply, and in general When AC or light is switched on, you can hear a click. It is powered through 282, and 282 is powered with 2 Hi Caps. The clicks are also there when is powered directly through hi cap. Sometimes I can hear the radio signal through it. This can be avoided with good positioning of phono stage and cables. All in all, I don’t mind this little weaknesses. They can’t be heard when music is playing.

I can easily say that Superline is the best piece of equipment I have, and I can’t recommend it more. Since I am listening only to turntable, it changed completely my sonic image in the music room. Now looking to upgarde the turntable :)))

On the other hand, Vertere is giving a lot for it’s the price.

Your profile lists a stageline.
Even that powered from the xs would cost more than the deck. A Fono MM is more appropriate if staying with the p1.

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Fono it is then.

Another question which I probably don’t want to know the answer to: when designing and rebuilding my living room I wanted to hide all my cables so they are in a fake wall. However I wanted the vinyl player on show so the distance between it and the amplifier and stage is a cable run of approx. 10-12meters.

Is this going to become an issue as I upgrade to more expensive / fussy equipment?

You’ll need to have the phono stage next to the turntable. Running a long lead with cartridge output is a no-no.

Running a line-level signal (the output from a phono stage) for 12m is fine, even if less than ideal - it will work.

Okey doke. Thanks

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