Phono synergi

Today I swapped pickups on my Kuzma Stabi S.
I have for a long time used Grado Prestige Gold on a Rega RB300 arm.
I like the full bodied presentation it has.
With my previous setups it was more or less necessary, to have a good tonal balance.
It does however not have the best tracking with its elliptical needle.
Well, I also own a 36 year old Goldring Eroica, that has been stored away, because I thought it sounded too lean before.
But, I was not quite happy with the Grado lately.
As I now have a SN3 and also an old Dynavector DV/6x step up transformer, I decided to swap pickup.
The Eroica has not been used much before, so the tip is fine.
And yes. It sounds good now.
For me, a perfect tonal balance, with good detail and a kind of smooth sound.
Today I am happy.

I have fond memories of the Eroica too.
A friend ran it for years on his Thorens 126 deck.

I notice its still listed on Goldring pricelist, though you hardly hear many use or buy it.

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