Phono to 5 Pin DIN

Hi all, as some of you may know, I recently acquired a 102/180 with napsc.

I hooked up my turntable via bnc and all is well.

I had a Phono to din cable made up so as to connect my DAC and allow for streaming and was only hearing sound (music) through the left speaker, although there was very soft sound from the right.

When I swopped the left and right RCA out on the DAC, the sound still came out of the left speaker.

I then adjusted the balance and all the way to the left side brought silence, and the other right side, music.

Does this sound din cable soldering related or NAC related?

Appreciate the insight and experience you may have and thank you in advance.

It could be the cable or the NAC. I should start by suspecting the cable. Who made it up? Did they connect the right pins? You could also look inside the din plug on the cable and make sure the soldering isn’t bridging to earth for example.


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Thanks, David, I’ll have a look now and report back shortly.



As an input cable, the pins are wired correctly on the DIN plug. Check the RCA end too.
Have you tried another DIN input on the 102 ?

No, unfortunately it’s the only din cable I have. I will, however, try the cable on a CD transport to the nac as currently it’s connected to the DAC which was working correctly prior to this but let me confirm it works with the CD player.

Thank you for the feedback.:pray:

Have you tried plugging the din cable into a different socket on the back of the 102 is what he means

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There is a whisker of wire from one of the signal pins. That might have been touching the case of the din plug. Not sure whether that is the channel that didn’t work…

It would also be worth trying the cable with the din plug cover off.



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Agree with @davidhendon …is the barrel of the DIN metal or plastic?

That cable does not look to be well made - IMHO… Looks messy. Which is asking from problems with a DIN.

Fine once done correctly.


Had a similar problem a long while back. Turned out to be the cable which was re-soldered for free. Still working in my system now. Solved the problem back then. Not saying this is the problem for you, but is the cheapest thing to start with.


You say you heard sound only in the left speaker but turning the balance control to the left resulted in silence? What happens when you turn the balance control with vinyl as the source?

It won’t fix the DAC issue but I think you also have the speakers connected the wrong way around to your 180

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Gents, thank you all for the advice and feedback.

I tried the din into all inputs with same results.

I did also connect my Cyrus FM 7 to the nac and it played through both speakers, I then moved the FM unit slightly and as a result, the right speaker fell silent. I then wiggled the RCA connected to the tuner and the sound returned to the right speaker.

I’m thinking it’s likely cable related due to the above and some of your statements speaking to the quality of soldering to the pins.

I will update on Monday when the cable guy is available again.


The barrel is metal and fits around the pins and a plastic shroud slips over that, holding it all together.

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OK, sounds like a short like David mentioned.


Yes it’s something the cable guy can easily check with a multimeter. Apart from whiskers of copper, it can also be that he overheated the screen shroud and it melted into the plastic on a signal cable. It’s a schoolboy error.

He will be embarrassed, firstly that it happened and second that he didn’t pick it up on a last check before popping it into the packaging.

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Thanks, David. I’ll have him sort it out first thing. I’ve now been waiting a week to hear my system, hopefully he can resolve it quickly.

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Quick update:
I returned the cable and requested a new one be made up and properly tested - all going well, will collect this afternoon and update.



I collected the new cable this afternoon and can confirm all is well. In fact, all is excellent… Well worth the wait.

Thanks to all for the feedback, advice and insight; much appreciated.

Thank you.


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