Photos and Google Chrome

Can I view my photos contained on my iPad via Google Chrome on my TV?

Do you have Google Photos app on your Ipad?
If so, yes.
If not, then your only option is Airplay. Do you have a Firestick or Apple Tv?

Thank you Neil, downloaded GooglePhotos, works perfectly.

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I have a question. Recently Apple notified me that my ICloud is very soon saturated. I don’t want to pay for the ICloud +.
If I take google photos, will the pictures have the same quality, resolution, as those I have downloaded directly from my good quality camera ? Is google or ICloud downsizing the resolution of the original photos ?

Google photos give you an option of what resolution you wish to upload… with a warning that original hires will take up more room.
Google will only compress your images if you ask it to.

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Good to know, I will try then :+1:

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