Pick-up match?

I am about to connect the following pick-up to the Naim Stageline “S”. Do you think they will match?

Hana SL pickup.
Output level: 0,4 mV vid 1kHz Vertical Tracking force: 2g Trackability: 70 um / 2g (u= micro)
Impedance: 23 Ohm / 1 kHz Compliance: 10 x 10(-6) cm/dyne Suggested load: > 200 Ohm

Thank you for your input.


Great, I will give it a try.

How are you powering the stageline? Can a superuniti power a phonostage as a Naim pre amp can?

A Naim Stageline S will run happily with most Low Output MC 'Pick Up’s… :slightly_smiling_face:


No, a Superuniti doesn’t have a powered AUX socket to power a Stageline. You would need to have a dedicated power supply on the Stageline.

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Believe that a SuperNait does, though…?

Yes, Supernaits do.

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