Pics ‘From the Listening Position’

Went for the HiCap. Don’t tell Mrs R. Warming up now, sounds rather good.


Moved the rack so it’s facing now, looks neater to me.


Looks good.

We have the same speakers as each other but alas I don’t have an SA10*

I imagine it’s incredible sounding. I’ve heard good things about it’s DAC too, when using incoming other sources.

What did you have previously, if you don’t mind me asking?

(I’ve currently got a SA8005).

Edit: I don’t have the 805D4, but the D3.

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@Charles64 I had a CD555/552/500 system but then sold it all to downsize and simplify the system. I’m playing more music now than ever so as you can imagine I’m more than happy with my decision.

My one regret is also selling my Atom (there was going to be no room for it in the house move that ultimately didn’t come to fruition) so now I’m looking to buy one again!



Enjoying my coffee in the morning on a Saturday promised to my daughter.
Sundays are promised to my boxers.


Listening to mark lanegan and lamenting the fact there’ll be no more, but grateful for what we’ve got. Reading what’s proving to be a rip-snorter of a bio given by my son as a perfectly calibrated Xmas gift. He’s flown out today for a 3 month backpacking trip to Thailand and I’m equally excited, envious and proud of his get up and go at 19.


I’ve seen Herzog’s last film and want to watch it again in its original language. Hoping not to hurt anyone’s sensitivity, the more I grow old, the less god I feel the need to find in my perfect days.

Like Graham , I think that is a lovely plinth for you LP12

Nice set up, are the Focal professional speakers rather than domestic?

Best wishes


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Focal Shape 65, active near field studio monitors, I think. Google lens ftw :slight_smile:


Yup, best thing ever to happen to my UQ2.

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Great idea having actives off your UQ2 for the TV. I use a UQ1 for our TV as well, and run it into Neat Iotas, the space doesn’t really allow for anything else, but they definitely have issues with scale. I bet your system doesn’t! 8)

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Having my main system in the office and not being able to concentrate at work while listening to music and of course being poor enough that I have to work every day, means the small system in the living room gets a lot of stretching, both on music and movies.

The Focals have a lot of power and authority but can sound a bit edgy (have tried them with a 272). They however mellow down considerably at the end of the mighty UQ2.



I also have an UQ and I am very interested in this setup.

Are you connecting the UQ and Focal Shape 65 with standard RCA cables?

Thank you, Rafael

Moved house from Hampshire to the northern edge of Nottinghamshire at the start of the month. ‘Apparently’ there are other priorities for unboxing.

However, the advantage with a larger house is that there are more rooms!!!

You can probably make out one of our Musos, providing much needed music.

Our new house is one of four new builds so it provides opportunity to get the surround cables hidden and the TV on the wall. I will also be able to have dedicated mains installed. Have some thoughts about placement, bearing in mind the other furniture and I have a local installer visiting next week to discuss.
Hoping the ‘headroom’ in the house move budget is still there as new toys were part of the planning.


What’s the triffid to the left of the Muso? Could be an interesting futuristic loudspeaker design.


What? I find this hard to believe… :joy:

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Yes @Rafael , 3m of Mogami 2534 with Canare RCA plugs. No other setup gave me the same immersion and slam and had Dynaudio Evoke 50 with 375W Cyrus monoblocks before. Couldn’t be happier. The stands are Focal Aria S 900 (the power cables need to be terminated after routing through the columns). Use some blue-tac underneath the speakers.

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Hi @Clive
Triffid is a good description. It is actually a bio ethanol heater, made by Le Feu. It is very good and was brilliant in our previous open plan home. So far, with modern insulation, we haven’t needed it much but it was very effective.

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Hi @Neil0001
I know, shocking isn’t it. To be fair, Snow Dog has suggested getting the main Audiovector speakers out to play around with room layout. We have tickets to see Editors in Leeds at the end of the month so I will have to get the system working to some extent to help with preparation!