Picture Disk Quality

Is it me, or do picture disk records tend to be noisier than regular coloured vinyl?

I’ve recently bought a couple of records with picture disks and they are noisy. I.e. in between tracks you can clearly hear
low frequency noise/ rumble. Which of course is also there during the tracks.
One is particularly bad. I should have returned it. But I expect all copies are the same.
My copy of Faith by The Cure, that I picked up on RSD is similar.
Black vinyl fine, coloured vinyl fine. But picture disks are noisy!

Yes, I have found the same, so generally try to avoid picture discs or coloured vinyl. Another problem is that it’s very hard to see any surface or groove issues with picture discs or coloured vinyl, so I imagine doing any QC is nigh on impossible, barring the obvious.


I’m just listening to the Monty Python Holy Grail from last year’s RSD (picked up today half price !) More than happy with the sound, although there is a bit of rumble - I suspect that these picture disks work well with soundtrack albums. The picture disk art is worth the price of admission in itself !

I must have been lucky with coloured vinyl. All mine is as good as black.
In fact it’s a selling point for me ( or perhaps was) to go for coloured over black.
But these 2 picture disks are disappointing. I could have picked up Faith anytime in the past 40 years. But no, went for RSD picture disk version!
The other picture disk is Working Mens Club. That is bordering on unlistenable.

Pictures discs are for the wall really. They always sound terrible. Coloured vinyl on the other hand, always sounds great to me.

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I agree entirely. I have loads of coloured vinyl and I find no discernible difference in quality to black although Richard’s point around ease of inspection if required is appropriate particularly against clear vinyl.

Some of the coloured vinyl looks great and given that some of us acknowledge that listening to records is about the whole experience package then I’m all for them.

Picture disks on the other hand. It used to be said that due to the manufacturing process they had very shallow grooves, I’m unaware of that’s still the case but they’re definitely just for show.


Given what I, and others have said, my Kajagoogoo 12" picture disk plays well. Just a shame about the content!

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quality of coloured vinyl has improved immeasurably over years and on a par with black, picture discs however get picture sandwiched between layers so grooves not as deep… if i purchase picture disc it is more for show so also purchase black copy to actually play…

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