Pink Floyd 2011 re-master

I’m new to this forum so have almost certainly missed, and cannot find, the thread relating to Dark Side of the Moon, re-mastered in 2011.
I’ve listenened to this on both Apple and Spotify Premium and the quality of the transitions from track to track are, to say the least, awful. Horrible little jumps sounding more like a fault rather than a transition. I had this album as a vinyl copy back when it first ever came out, when I were a lad, and it definitely didn’t sound like that. Vinyls not an option at the moment so I stream. I cannot find an original version on any of the main platforms. Any ideas anyone. I just can’t listen to this version, it’s violently bloody awful.

You are missing out on “gapless”. playback. Are you using Spotify natively through the Naim App?

No. I was using bluetooth and have my phone set so that it doesn’t try to weld tracks together.

There’s your problem then :slightly_smiling_face:

Well I’ll be $%#&^$ed. Excellent. I’ve tried it and you’re 100% right. Thanks.


It would sound even better through the Naim App :slightly_smiling_face:

Correct once more. Much better in fact. It sounded dead before. Thanks again.

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Glad you are sorted :+1:

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