Pink Floyd in HD

Out of the blue Pink Floyd seem to have issued most (if not all) of their albums in HD overnight. Most are 192/24 with others (such as The Wall) 96/24.

When I looked Qobuz didn’t have DSOTM or Pulse, but they are available elsewhere so I imagine they will come to Qobuz at some point.

I don’t think they’ve announced officially, but they are available at your favourite download sources.

(There also are Hi-res versions of the Gilmour solo albums)


Wow - exciting news! …Meddle in 192/24 this afternoon it is then!


If you’re in the US then HD Tracks have 20% off with discount code: FLOYDHIRES20

I’m not sure about these. All remasters aren’t they?

They are the 2011/2016 remasters.

In that case I’ll stick, unless its universally agreed that the 24 bit rate does something worthwhile.

Just listened to The Wall and some idiot somewhere has used the tracks which feature on Echoes in place of the originals from The Wall, so you hear the end of See Emily Play on the start of Happiest Days of Our Lives, ANBITW2 ends with silence after the phone rings, rather than the ring carrying on into Mother, Comfortably Numb has the end of Fletcher Memorial Home just audible at the start, etc.

That’s the tared up version of the Flac files from Qobuz - it may be different from file formats or other suppliers. Now to get Qobuz Customer Service to understand…


Best of luck on that.

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DSOTM now listed

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I had a strange hiccup about a 1/3 rd way thru Brain damage from DSOTM………not sure if it is really adding that much in HD? A bit more clarity around spoken word and vocals……but a loss in warmth….i guess it is what you get used to.

I haven’t had chance to listen to DSOTM yet, but I have (bits of) Animals, The Wall and WYWH - all of these seem to have a little extra warmth to my ears. Agree about the clarity/space around things.

There is a definite difference to the standard CDs, which are from the same masters. I think a worthy improvement. Not too sure whether I’ll “get the set” - I don’t really need another copy of Ummagumma (though the live half is okay) or More.

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I’ve come across a few cases of faulty gapless playback lately with Qobuz files. I’ve reported them and been advised they will be passed on and looked at. Like most, I don’t have massive confidence in Qobuz support but I guess this is probably how the files have been received by them by the record companies and they need to go back to them?

Yes, best of luck. I messaged them some months back letting them know that when I try to play this album by Wyclef Open Qobuz it plays some other music (I hear Bruce Springsteen). Their response was as below :roll_eyes:


Obviously a Springstein fan😁

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Which versions do you prefer? not remastered, the high resolution remasters, HDT, MFSL, immersion, etc?

They’re not wrong in that I am doing a lot of squirrelling at the moment.

As I said on the other thread about Pink Floyd in HD:

None of these hi-res things are anything to do with the Floyd. Warners has reprocessed/upsampled them, presumably withut the band’s permission - like the “hi res”/MQA “masters” on Tidal.

These are the ONLY band-sanctioned hi-res versions of their catalogue:

DSOTM - 2011 on DVD or Blu-ray from the Immersion box set
DSOTM - 2021 SACD from Analogue Prods (also on EMI in the old version, 2003)
WYWH – 2011 on DVD or Blu-ray from the Immersion box set
WYWH - 2011 SACD from Analogue Prods
AMOLR –2021 – on DVD or Blu-ray (out later this month), also on The Later Years box (2019)
DB – 2013 – deluxe box set , also in The Later Years box set, 2019
TER – 2014 – deluxe box set
DSOT 2020 – deluxe box set also on The Later Years box (2019)
Animals – date tbc – SACD, DVD and Blu-ray
AHM – Quad mix only (on the Early Years box set 2016)
Pulse, Knebworth 90 and Venice 89 – video versions only, in The Later Years box set, 2019
Meddle – Quad mix only, on the Early Years box set 2016 - accessible only if you rip it to your computer

There is, for example, NO hi-res version of The Wall (though Guthrie is working on it) anywhere.

Buyer beware!


Massive disappointment (not really) tonight after playing 30 seconds of A Momentary Lapse of Reason then Wish You Were Here I had to turn it off as I thought my system had developed a fault, major hiss and distortion, this HD stuff is pretty pants I will be sticking with my CD rips

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I purchased DSOTM from HD Tracks and imo it’s a huge improvement over the 30 year old cd that I had. I got a 96/24 WAV file, the bass is more convincing and the detail is a step up. It just sounds better.

They’re all available on Qobuz now so I’m going to do some comparisons on the other albums before making any commitments to buy.

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Anybody else struggling to see these in Roon?

Can see on the Qobuz client.

Add as favourites.

Album pops up in Roon, but just as 44/16

Same process for Beatles “Let it be” - album pops up in Roon as the hi Res version.

I’ve restarted Roon etc…

Can’t even see them in Hi-res when browsing Qobuz from within Roon….

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