Pink Floyd in HD

The Wall sounds FABULOUS. Really great. Very happy having paid for it for about the 8th time in my life it feels like. (Not being facetious one bit!)


Great summation! Funny, but you’ve nearly perfectly described how I feel about many 24-bit v. 16-bit album versions on Qobuz. I compare all of the time, and it always seems like well over half I walk away with this same impression, generally speaking.

Sort of related but when did Qobuz put David Gilmour’s albums up in 24/96? Live in Pompeii sounds awesome and makes my CD rip sound flat by comparison even though I always thought the CD sounded great.

They were made available at the same time/date as the Pink Floyd albums. I’m assuming the Pompeii release is the same mix as available on the blu-ray in the CD/Blu-Ray box

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