Pink Floyd Live at Knebworth

I bought a handful of LPs at the HMV Shop in Brighton yesterday, including a 2 LP set of Pink Floyd - Live At Knebworth 1990.

I didn’t pay attention to the wording of the sticker on the front, which says “Cut at 45 RPM for enhanced audio quality”. (I haven’t opened the cellophane wrapper.)

Does this relate only to the cutting of the records?

In other words, do the LPs play back at 33RPM or at 45RPM?

If it’s 45RPM, I’ll be taking the records back for exchange

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If it’s cut at 45, it plays at 45.

Bite the bullet, finally…you have the Linn 45 adaptor… The Doors on AP 45 should be temptation enough, let alone the recent Atlantics, which sound superb (the ones I’ve heard).


Haven’t you done this before?

You can play either, however if played at 33 the tracks will be 35% longer, with slower tempo and the music would be in an odd lower key, transposed down a bit over five semitones!


And the Dixie Chicks will sound like Dixie Chaps!


I don’t like the force that it’s necessary to use to get the adapter onto the rotor thingy, so I don’t use it.

I reckon that I can get 99.9% of what I want to hear on discs that spin at 33RPM, so the other 0.01% just won’t get bought.

It takes more force because you’re not used to it, and it does need a (very) little ‘breaking in’… it does become easier. But, your choice of course.

Hopefully AP will never release a 45 Grace which would pose you a quandary, perhaps.

Would it end sooner if played faster?


When I had an A.C. motor with Valhalla power supply, I too was concerned about the force required to push the adaptor on the pulley. However, I was told a fix, which is to pick the ‘O’ ring out of the groove and use a Stanley knife to cut a short section out of it, leaving a curved strip of rubber. Push this back into the groove and try it on the pulley. Do it in stages, so that you don’t make it too loose. It didn’t need much to be removed. If I could find mine I’d send a photograph.

I suppose there’s a possibility that this would result in an asymmetric 45rpm pulley, but I bet you wouldn’t notice. I didn’t, but then I scarcely used it before switching to a Lingo.

I must admit when I had the adaptor to get 45rpm on the LP12 I barely used it.
Probably more out of laziness than anything else.
As soon as I could get hold of a Lingo I did so and now have Radikal.
Just a lazy so and so I guess.

Worth the outlay for a second hand Lingo 1, I’d ‘av thought. I thought it improved the sound over the Valhalla.

Too many goodies on 7"/12" singles (if nothing else) made using the adaptor absolutely essential. And that was way before 45rpm albums became a thing.
Couldn’t imagine not using it tbh. So much good stuff on 45.


Like those Frankie Goes to Hollywood 12”/45. We’ve got a couple and they’re pretty fine!

But our Valhalla would never spin up with the adaptor (yes I know, we should have taken it back). Hence the s/h Lingo 1!

And if Graham would like to donate these hideous discs to a worthy cause……please form an orderly queue………behind me! :laughing:

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Yep you are absolutely right Stevie. I have 3 or 4 boxes of 12” singles plus a few boxes of 7” singles.
Maybe it’s time to delve into those.

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He seems to be wedded to the Armageddon, having one with each of his two LP12s. The Lingo is obviously more versatile and I reckon the Radikal sounded better too (although I never tried a Lingo IV). The K-Rad 2 reigns supreme though.

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