Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of The Moon, 50th Anniversary Box Set

I really want to hate DSOTM but I can’t as it is such a fine album! I have been streaming rips of the discs from my ‘Immersion’ box set this evening. It seems a much more inviting and interesting collection than the 50th anniversary box set.


My wife and I like DSOTM. Some weekend nights after a few cocktails it really is a fun album to listen to, especially on a system that can make it really boogey.

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I’m not sure about the mix but certainly the mastering will often differ between CD/digital file and the LP.

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My wife and I just had a listen to Brain Damage (2023) 24-192 via Qobuz streamed to the ND555.

The quality of the vocals seems quite changed / “improved.” For example, on the first verse, I can really hear qualities to Roger’s voice that I never heard (or just never noticed??) before.

It’s especially pronounced on the “more” of “. . . the paperboy brings more.” It sounds more like Roger than I’d noticed before.

I suppose I should go back and listen to earlier versions now and see if this change is real. But we’re usually pretty good about picking up these nuances. She in particular has a very good ear; better than mine.

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That’s the one I’m going for. I already have three other versions of the studio release, including the SACD surround sound one.

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Is this a preview of the box set?

It’s just the one track . . . a preview of the remastered 50th anniv. version. There will be other things in the box set beyond the remaster.

Of course they will issue the ‘new’ DSOTM in due course.

You just need to leave the record company to squeeze as much dosh as they can from people who rush in to buy the 23 disc (or whatever) ‘special’ editions that they can squirt out first.

So it sounds like the remaster will be available on streaming services and not just to those who pay £250 for the box set which is nice

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