Pink Floyd 'The Wall'

Most LP versions of ‘The Wall’ have the graffiti style writing on the front cover in black. But occasionally I see a copy with the writing in red (this is much less common).

Does anyone know why the two colours coexist? I’ve wondered about this for years (although, to be fair, it doesn’t keep me awake at night).

Many thanks in advance.

Whatever the colour of the writing on the cover, I think that it represents the high point of Pink Floyd’s very varied career. I’ve just ordered a brand new copy, and would love it to have red writing on the cover.

AFAIK, the ones with the red text were the 2012 reissues on EMI mastered by Doug Sax. Which is not as good as the Guthrie and Grundman 2016 version.

As a result of my ordering the new copy of ‘The Wall’ from them, Amazon have prompted me to consider the ‘Experience Edition’.

Does anyone know what this is?

You get actually shouted at behind the bike sheds.



I bought my copy of The Wall within days of its release (*). The ‘graffiti’ was a clear sticker - but the writing was black.

(* - I recall opening it up in the Coventry University Library - and it making no sense at all… It didn’t help that the Tracks on the records and the Lyrics were somewhat mixed up. Maybe this got fixed later…?)

Ah, very good!

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I think it was one of those releases long after the event. aimed at collectors, with demos and rejected takes, or something like that.

Oh well, I’m a sucker for all things Hendrix. I’ve ordered a copy. If I don’t like it, I’ll give it

Thanks anyway.


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