Pink Floyd

Lately all pink floyd exist on HD format but I don’t like the sound,rubbish, even cd I didn’t like much …as I Remember Pink Floyd sound was good on vinyl…
Very frustrated the way it sound now.

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I agree. The hd hires stuff sounds wrong. Too extended and thin somehow.


Horrific spoiling of the best music written and played by the greatest band ever, that’s all!!

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Agree. My early Harvest EMI CD sounds much better.


I received an email about these releases from HD Tracks the other day - haven’t had chance to listen to them yet, and was looking forward to giving them a try but sounds like I’m in for a disappointment (as many remasters often can be in my experience). I’ve generally found previous Pink Floyd remasters to be fairly decent - I thought the 2011 CD remasters were generally pretty good, and really liked the 2019 remix of A Momentary Lapse of Reason. The 2014 96/24 of The Division Bell didn’t seem to different to my original CD copy, although that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

There is another thread on here and many do seem to like them. I played meddle and was disappointed and then DarkSide and thought my original and ancient vinyl was way better.


None of these hi-res things are anything to do with the Floyd. Warners has reprocessed/upsampled them, presumably withut the band’s permission - like the “hi res”/MQA “masters” on Tidal.

These are the ONLY band-sanctioned hi-res versions of their catalogue:

DSOTM - 2011 on DVD or Blu-ray from the Immersion box set
DSOTM - 2021 SACD from Analogue Prods (also on EMI in the old version, 2003)
WYWH – 2011 on DVD or Blu-ray from the Immersion box set
WYWH - 2011 SACD from Analogue Prods
AMOLR –2021 – on DVD or Blu-ray (out later this month), also on The Later Years box (2019)
DB – 2013 – deluxe box set , also in The Later Years box set, 2019
TER – 2014 – deluxe box set
DSOT 2020 – deluxe box set also on The Later Years box (2019)
Animals – date tbc – SACD, DVD and Blu-ray
AHM – Quad mix only (on the Early Years box set 2016)
Pulse, Knebworth 90 and Venice 89 – video versions only, in The Later Years box set, 2019
Meddle – Quad mix only, on the Early Years box set 2016 - accessible only if you rip it to your computer

There is, for example, NO hi-res version of The Wall (though Guthrie is working on it) anywhere.

Buyer beware!


Thanks Kev…….i did post on the PF HD thread that it did not sound right…….if no care was taken, then it is a take on. Considering the latest Beatles release, there should be huge interest in PF doing it right🙏

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The trouble with the PF thing @Gazza is that Chuckles only wants hi-res versions done by Guthrie, Fat Dave wants them done by Andy Jackson. Thus, deadlock.

Post-Rog stuff only needs DG’s (and Nick’s) say-so, which is why it all exists in hi-res.


Pompeii is also in hi-res on The Early Years, but Jackson’s mix is terrible - painfully trebly.

It’s simple, just stick to vinyl and you will be happy :sunglasses:


I think in the style of this music like rock prog or any other rock the precision that this format creates is disgust and lack of dynamics that rock needs


This hi-res format in my opinion can be good only for chamber music

For sure

I’ve heard some great rock hi resolution releases (e.g. The Doobie Brothers), but also many awful ones (e.g. Travelling Wilburys). The problem IMO is too much compression/EQ applied during remastering.

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