PIR wiring query please

I purchased a PIR for the garage last year and threw away the box along with the manual so have lost the wiring diagram, unfortunately Google is no help either :frowning:

Can someone verify the following is correct please ?

Maybe @Mike-B .
I found that :

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If you have drawn the PIR terminal marking correctly ……

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Thanks both.

@Mike-B - yours looks the same as mine with the exception of an Earth from switch to light.

Correct, no E wire,
I have a load of PIR circuit diagrams, I picked that one as it’s very clearly drawn.

That’s not the best way to wire. In your circuit the PIR itself is switched off by the wall switch. This means every time you switch on it needs to reset and train. Better for the PIR to have a permanent live and use the wall switch to just switch the lamp load.

Instead of a switch.

How about one of these?

Or buy a light with a built in PIR and light level sensor.:+1:

You should note in my diagram the wall switch is optional.
PIR switches are used in different ways, some installations do require a manual override, some have time switches, it’s not always just lighting up your front door & many are more complex than this simple switch.

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I’m going to put the PIR in my garage so that it turned on all my three LED batton lights so that when I drive in / come back from walking dog I’m not fumbling around in the pitch black.

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Thanks to everyone who posted on here earlier in the week.

Just wired it in and we are up and running. No more scrambling around in the dark when I drive / walk into the garage now.

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