Placement of CD player / EMI

I’ve just bought a second hand Moon CD 3.3 and was looking through the manual which says: ‘The CD 3.3 uses a toroidal transformer; even though it is well shielded, you should not place the player too close to source components sensitive to EMI, such as turntables and phono preamplifiers.’ I was going to put it either below or above my NDX2 (on a separate shelf) but reading this am a bit concerned that the EMI will interfere with the streamer’s performance. If that’s likely should I place it lower down my rack nearer the pre and power amp? Any advice appreciated. Cheers, Peter

Naim help you here. By design, all noisy parts like digital boards and transformers for Naim go on the right inside the case and the delicate analogue stuff on the left. More specifically on the diagonal. Most noisy parts front-right. Most delicate parts rear-left.

Sadly the Moon is the exact opposite. The transformer is in the rear-left.

To be honest, if you have a decent rack providing a good gap between components, I doubt you will hear any difference at all. You can test.

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