Perhaps this is total nonsense but I am interested in learning what forum members would suggest with regards to organizing the stack…

I have 2 side-by-side Fraim-Lite stacks, each 4 shelves high… with a total of 5 “boxes” (552, 500, 552PS, 500PS, Chord Dave) and a bunch of smaller items (Ultrarendu, LPS1, etc.)…. I would like to arrange the naim boxes and am curious if separating the power supplies on one side of the shelves would make any sense and would separation between the 552 and 500 (leaving an empty shelf in between) make any difference. Would separation between the 552PS and 500PS make sense?

Keen to hear about any experiences amongst all here with regards to this topic… This stuff is too heavy and clunky with all the cabling to go about testing different scenarios :slight_smile:


When I first got my 500 I put it on the bottom shelf of my Fraim on the left and the ps on the bottom right, and was disappointed, the ps replaced a 250. It was 16 years old without a service so I sent it off for servicing and DRing and put the 250 back but on the left so I didn’t have to rearrrange the NACA5 again, the 250 sounded more alive though less in control. When the 500 came back and was reinstalled in the same place it once again disappointed. Noting the Burndys were mostly on the floor I moved the ps up to the 4th shelf on the right, this got them mostly off the floor and was an improvement but it was still less enjoyable than the 250. My 552 was on the 3rd shelf up on the left where my 282 had been before, below my CDX2, I swapped them round so it was now higher than the 500ps, that did the trick, my 500 was now showing what it could do.
In your system you don’t have the double bass shelf of full Fraim so I’d suggest the 500 goes one shelf higher, then a gap and the 552 on top. For the ps the 500ps can go on the fourth shelf and still be lower than the 552, assuming you have all standard height shelves except for a medium above the 500, and the 552 ps on the second unless the Burndy touches the ground, if so it can go under the 500ps. I’ve assumed an LPS1 isn’t a turntable so ignored it in this arrangement, nor can I tell you where you can stick your Dave but probably not inder the 552.

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