Planned obsolescence

If I could give you my icon I would. At least it would go to a home that appreciated it.


You are missing the point here. If you have got all the input icons you want on the phone screen and the new unusable favourites icon displaces one of the icons you do actually use to a second screen and you can’t do anything about that, then that’s a bit of an irritation.




Sonos have managed support both new and legacy equipment by continuing to maintain old and new apps for their customer base

I’m a longtime Sonos owner/user and even though their graceful obsolesce of ageing products met with a lot of frustration amongst owners, they did and still do offer you a decent financial incentive to replace the kit you have with something newer or as you point out use an app that’s happy enough driving the older kit without issue, it also works with the newer stuff I’ve got like a Sonos amp and I can’t think of a service that doesn’t work on it.
I can’t see it being a massive challenge for a company like Naim to offer some other incentive/loyalty to these owners with significant investments in kit that is relatively new and certainly well within it’s serviceable lifespan.
I’m sure if they offered existing legacy streamer customers an incentivised upgrade to a newer product at or near cost that would help to vent a decent amount of the pent up frustrations between the generations of products.
Clearly that comes with caveats and constraints to prevent abuse of the gratitude, at least those that bought the items in question as new from a dealer and have the warranty registered to them and products within a window of manufacturing date for example.

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I started a similar topic see

If the Mu-So 2nd Gen came out in 2019 some customers may have bought the 1st Gen equipment in late 2018/early 2019 - now they are “old Naim machines” and no Qobuz.

They could have issued a software-based Qobuz in the App. Maybe not so desirable as a native implementation but it would be easy.
According to Wikipedia Qobuz launched in 2007 and Tidal in 2014. Wakey Wakey.

An affordable upgrade or substantive Naim buy-back would also be feasible.

I fear that Naim Audio are no longer the Naim I know and love, and I find that very sad.


Hi MrM
Yes, I can’t think of many companies in this segment of the market that offer the level of 24/7 support Sonos do, in fairness to Naim possibly Sonos has more resources at its disposal.
I‘m not expecting nor want new features for my 272.

You expect good companies to provide good support.

However, support is some times necessary because equipment/firmware/software is badly designed, is unreliable, and instructions are poor and unclear.

P.S. Hours of service are Mon-Fri 9:30am-5:30pm, not 24/7. For emails please expect a minimum turnaround of 4 days .

Can’t say I disagree, just giving a point of reference relative to my experiences with owning Sonos kit which does a similar job.
I also own an NDX2 so can only sympathise with those looking for workaround solutions to support services not natively supported in particular Qobuz.
Given how Tidal and Qobuz work is rather similar (both being FLAC based streaming services), I’m not clear in my head what prevents Qobuz from working on the older kit?
I’m guessing something to do with authentication and security when the clients connect to their backend. Surely something Qobuz could assist on and resolve with some collaboration perhaps.

Oh yes, that does ring a bell from previous discussions.

The same as the BubbleUPnP App (on Android) does to stream Qobuz to Naim and other devices including Hi-Res up to 24/192.

BubbleUPnP is a substitute App which provides Qobuz to Naim equipment. Some think it is superior to the Naim app anyway.

If you grimace at that phrase you are really going to be upset by:

‘That’s it? A favourites icon that is of no use? Oh, the drama!’

I have the “expertise” to find a solution, which I did, back in time when another consumer company failed to provide Tidal and Qobuz as they had “promised” for their streamer. Answer equals BubbleUPnP.

I have used the solution on Naim and Linn (which of course supports it natively anyway and has done for years) over the last 3 years.

If I were Naim I would have the expertise to know what was required and where to locate the expertise to implement it. Naim either don’t or won’t.

P.S. Not sure I am “telling people what to do”.
Maybe, charitably, jmtennapel is overcome by the heat.

P.S.2 BubbleUPnP App costs £3.69.

So, I can stream qobus using £200, ten year old streamer, (SBT) who’s manufacturer stopped supporting the product about 6 years ago.

Yet, I can’t stream qobus using £700, 2 year old streamer (QB).

I doesn’t seem believable that Naim streamers costing thousands can’t stream Qobuz due to lack of memory, yet the £200 SBT can.


To be fair I think the logitech is being pushed information from a server, its not itself pulling the info from qubuz etc.

I’m incensed that my 1983 nait one doesn’t have a marked CD input never mind a streamer one!
How could Naim have been so short sighted?

Angry of Oldham


They did, they added AirPlay. The 1st gen. Musos were the first Naim products to have it.

Clearly they are heading in the wrong direction. The latest Naits have an input button called Gramophone, or something like that.


There are some pretty easy ways to get Qobuz on the first gen streamers. I’ve used two ways to successfully stream Qobuz to my Muso 1.

  1. BubbleUpnp app on Android to Muso (hires too)
  2. BubbleUpnp server on Raspberry Pi transcoding flac to wav to Muso. (hires too)

The first one is easy, number 2 requires a bit more work.
For Apple users the Qobuz app via airplay should be a snap right?
Yes, the Naim app is out of the picture.


Cross? You’re cross about that? Get a grip man. I’m bloody furious that my Polyphon won’t play singles, let alone stream Qobuz. What the hell were they thinking in 1900? Surely they could see the future? Absolutely pathetic.


That’s not the point. You can use it to play Qobuz and a bunch of other stuff on a Muso.