Play multiple files on a USB device

I have the following problem: in the NAIM application (I use a NAIM UNITI ATOM) I can’t play multiple files simultaneously (USB HDD).

In other words, in order to run more files, I have to activate them, individually with “Queue next”.

The “play all” function does NOT work. Why? I use the latest version of the application (2.19.1).

Thanks in advance for any clarification.

Hi, are you selecting music to play via the USB input on the Naim app? If so, I would suggest that you look for it in the Server input, where it should be visible in Local Music. There, you should get a better browsing experience.

Yes, I select the songs from the NAIM application. The files are placed on an HDD connected to the USB port of the Naim Uniti Atom.

Honestly, I didn’t understand what solution you were proposing to me.

Why in the application, in the USB section, can not be selected for play, several songs simultaneously, or an album?

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